Thursday, October 16, 2014

Diversity Thursday

It is helpful to know that the issues we raise on DivThu are not just a problem with the military or government, it is all through our culture. 

That is why I like to look around in the larger culture now and then so everyone gets a chance to see those perpetually offended in the Diversity Industry for what they are; a fetid stew of rent-seeking grievance mongers, agenda driven Social Marxists, social justice fetishists, clueless frumps stuck in a 1970s intellectual temporal trap, useful idiots, self-loathing auto-masochists, and occasionally the rabidly sectarian hate-pimps using polite words with foam flecks at the corner of their mouths - all squatting athwart our culture for their own sense of self-entitlement.

Of course, we should only attack their idea, not the actual persons - right? Wrong.

These sick narcissists make a living destroying not just institutions, but individual people - all for their own monetary gain and starving egos. They feast on others, so, no - in this case I have no problem getting personal.

In 2014, more and more of what you see are those who are trying to bully-boy others in to shutting up, soak up the guilt they are throwing about, and as a result expect someone to cough up a paycheck for them just to make them go away and try to destroy someone else.

One sub-genre perpetually offended rent-seekers are the professional feminists, some of the most destructive people preventing women from being on a true level with men. As some of you know my personal story, Mama Salamander was a trailblazer and never had need or want for any of them for her success. 

Anyway, professional feminists are not out there for other women to succeed - if so they would be leading marches against ISIS, no, that isn't their priority. There is serious money in that job, if you can pull it off.

For the young pups in this line of work, the sad thing is that after a few decades, a lot of the fertile and easily plowed fields of man-hate is already occupied by some rather stout and stubborn 1st and 2nd generation professional feminists. So, like the second son or the yearling buck (yes, I am trying to find as many XY references I can), they have to wander far and wide to find their place.

The last really fertile holdout territories whose walls finally fell like Constantinople, was taken out by the 2nd generation, Naval Aviation at Tailhook. As a result, this new generation has had to subsist on the outer fringes of that sad battle, and generally making crap up they can't scratch out of academia. That gleaning has run out and is no longer productive. Slash and burn has run its course for that spot ... time to look anew.

Looking for other male dominated areas that may have weak-spined and easily cowed leadership, some of the young buck feminists have gone after that wonderfully "unique" male dominated area - gamers?

As such we have gamergate. If you are not up to speed, let's just go to wikipedia;
Gamergate (sometimes referred to as GamerGate or as a hashtag #gamergate) is a controversy in video game culture which began in August 2014. It concerns ingrained issues of sexism and misogyny in the gaming community, as well as journalistic ethics in the online gaming press, particularly conflicts of interest between video game journalists and developers.
I have to give credit to the uber-nerds of gamedom - they are fighting harder and defending their culture more than the wall of shame that was TACAIR leadership almost a quarter century ago.

One side-show to gamergate that I find particularly delicious is that of Anita Sarkeesian. A perfect specimine of the present generation of professional feminist, full of piss, vinegar, bile, and foam ... with a fair bit of agitprop, misdirection, and what looks like lies. Follow they money, they are;
In 2012, Sarkeesian started a Kickstarter campaign, to raise $6,000 so that she could pay for video games and fund production for a set of videos that would criticize gender tropes in video games. Within a day, Sarkeesian hit her initial goal. She went on to raise $150,000.

Sarkeesian missed her first deadline with no concrete explanation. While I was mildly skeptical when I found this out, I was absolutely stunned after watching a few of her videos.

Sarkeesian’s in-game footage is almost exclusively stolen from several YouTubers’ “Let’s Play” tutorial videos. Sarkeesian gave no credit or notice to the video creators. When several commenters began to accuse her of plagiarism, Sarkeesian disabled the comments and like/dislike options on her videos.

Some other critics accused Sarkeesian of exploiting Kickstarter. Sarkeesian, who admitted in a 2010 interview that she doesn’t even play video games, could not have possibly spent $150,000 on buying games and “production” when she simply took clips from other people’s videos.

When implored by critics and supporters alike to produce just one piece of documentation explaining how she spent the money, Sarkeesian refused.
She has a history in the bit of territory she is farming. Quite a bit of history.

She also seems to have a habit of creating drama when there isn't any naturally occurring;
Canadian-American author, blogger and feminist Anita Sarkeesian has canceled her scheduled Wednesday speech at Utah State University after learning the school would allow concealed firearms at the event despite an anonymous terror threat promising “the deadliest school shooting in American history.”

Utah State confirmed Sarkeesian’s decision to cancel in a tweet sent out shortly after 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.
I guess she was feeling unsatisfied with the gamers, she decided she needed to rub up against the gun folks too.

Well, I'm tired to toying with her around the edges. I'll roll her over to the gamers and let them play around a bit. This guy does it so much better anyway.

So, there you go. Stand up to these bullies, if the gamers can - why can't those in the military who break real things and kill real people for a living? 

I wish more women were like Mama Salamander and went after these rent-seekers, but hey ... if it takes a man to do a woman's job, so be it.

These professional outrage generators like Anita do no good for, in this case at least, the great professional women in our line of work who get it done day in and day out, and handle jerks like everyone else. We and they don't need to support people like Anita's invented career path with their time and tax money. 

We need to stop going to their award ceremonies. Stop going to their conferences, and unquestionably stop paying them to have any association with the DOD/DON.

As a side note, being that Anita seems to not like the song - with standard Kristen warning - here you go; bask in it.

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