Monday, August 25, 2014

To Russia Without Much Love

Russians are a little prickly about the monuments they sprinkled around their former empire.

As Estonia learned in 2007, they can overreact a bit. So, what do you do when a dead empire that imprisoned your people and drained your national culture to a bland, poured concrete block, from the grave has its rump follow-on insist that you continue to honor the thieves, murderers, and rapists that replaced the homicidal genocidal maniacs that were there before? Decades after you tried to become a member of the free world ... what do you do with these anachronistic monuments to a totalitarian nightmare?

Well, when the rump replacement plays dirty and has you under their thumb by your reliance on their energy industry - well - you have to keep the jackhammers at bay.

It doesn't mean you still can't make your point. Via our NATO ally and former Warsaw Pact member Bulgaria, this is how you do it.

Check out all the rest, especially the one in honor of Ukraine. Well, OK; here it is too.

A free people of the West always have a sense of humor. I think Bulgaria will be just fine.

BTW - my favorite punk of a Soviet war memorial? Yea ... Mrs. Salamander did that.

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