Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lithuania Wakes Up & Realizes She is Sleeping Next to a Bear, Takes Prudent Action

Estonia is already there; the President of Lithuania has decided it was time to wake up from the post-Soviet haze.

Read all of President H.E. Dalia GrybauskaitÄ—;
First, we have to stand in unity and to work together in order to respond to new challenges.

It is necessary to renew without any delay the national agreement between all political parties on foreign and security policies, and also on adequate finances for defence. We have advanced to reach the two percent defence spending target in the next five years without hurting other economic areas and social groups 
....the symbol of our energy independence - a special vessel for the LNG terminal - will arrive to Lithuania this coming autumn after overcoming hostile storms and turbulences created by commissions and instigated by others.

This geopolitical project of cooperation between Lithuania, Norway and South Korea, the first in the Baltic region, is the result of historic changes in our energy system.

It is a crowning achievement by the efforts of the whole of Lithuania, making Russian gas - which poses an existential threat - simply needless for Lithuania.

In the course of only several years, Lithuania has managed to develop alternatives to both gas and electricity supplies. Next year, in 2015, a power bridge to Sweden will be built, linking Lithuania to Western Europe through electricity networks.
She gets it. Well done Madam President. Latvia, your play.

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