Thursday, September 05, 2013

On with the ALT-POM!

Well, this would shake things up a bit. Look what Hagel the Hatchet has put out there. Via Sam & Marcus at NavyTimes;
The Office of the Secretary of Defense reportedly supports the idea of limiting total purchases of littoral combat ships to only 24, far short of the Navy’s goal of 52 ships, sources say.

Stopping at 24 ships would end LCS procurement with the fiscal 2015 budget.

The Navy, according to what sources told Defense News, which is owned by Navy Times’ parent company, is countering with proposals for higher numbers, but strongly advocates going no lower than 32 ships — a number that would continue production another one or two years.
Pentagon budget officials have focused primarily on the ALT POM, and in late August began switching to the POM. The OSD proposal to limit LCS to 24 ships is understood to be part of the ALT POM discussions.

Asked for comment, both OSD and Navy officials emphasized that no final decisions have been made.
Looking to load-monitor the challenge, this is smart.
In addition to supporting a reduction to 24 ships, OSD also reportedly is insisting the Navy place a top priority on fielding the mine countermeasures module, one of three major mission packages under development for the LCS.
24 to 36, eh? Hmmmm, it seems I have heard that before ....

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