Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Well, so much for better spring parking

Via Sam@NavyTimes;
The defense secretary officially terminated five upcoming ship deployments last week and ordered one deployed frigate to return home.
• The hospital ship Comfort will not conduct its “Continuing Promise 2013” humanitarian mission to Central and South America.

• The rescue and salvage ship Grasp will not deploy to U.S. European command.

• The frigate Kauffman will not deploy to U.S. Southern Command, once scheduled for April 5.

• The frigate Rentz will not deploy to U.S. Southern Command, once slated for April 19.

• The attack submarine Jefferson City will not deploy in April.

The frigate Thach, nearly half-way through its six-month counter-narcotics cruise, has been ordered to return to its homeport, San Diego, in April, PACFLT’s statement said.
Hat tip Lee.

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