Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Roadtrip to Louisiana?

They HAVE to do a static display. What do you think - dog & Tupolev show at Barksdale followed by a Salamanderpaloozaat Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop in Naw'lins that evening?
The head of Russia's Long Range Air Force says two Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers will fly to an air base in the United States next year under an agreement reached between U.S. and Russian military representatives.

General Anatoly Zhikharev said two Russian bombers would land at Barksdale air base in Louisiana and that later that year two U.S. B-52 strategic bombers would visit Russia's Engels air base in the Saratov region.
I know it is a 5.5hr drive and all, but .....

Hat tip SJS.

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