Saturday, September 15, 2007

3.3 mil. Iraqi settle in the US - more on the way

...and imagine that most of them want to settle in Washington D.C. and LA. Chew on that for awhile - because proportionally, that is where Sweden is right now.
"Sweden has now between 80,000 and 120,000 Iraqis," Bildt said. "But there is no automaticity in the Swedish asylum system. It's not that everybody who seeks asylum will be granted asylum. It depends on each individual process. Every single case is tried on its merits."

Sweden receives the largest number of Iraqi refugees in Europe, and Iraqis have become the country's second-largest foreign population after Finns.

According to the Swedish immigration service, between January and July this year 10,800 Iraqis requested asylum in Sweden, up from 8,950 for the whole of 2006.

There were fewer than 3,000 asylum seekers in 2005.
They are planning to make it harder - but the horse is already way out of the barn. With what is going on in Malmö and other towns - Sweden has a huge problem on its hands - and it has no one to blame but themselves. And don't even try to blame the US. With the Swedish standard - the balance of the Arab world would qualify.

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