Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ready to be disappoined

I have so little faith in Hollywood's ability to put the military in a fair light, that Lloyd Cole does not come to mind. From Vietnam we saw Hollywood's take on those who come home, from The Deer Hunter to Rambo, as we are all to be pitied and watched with caution.

is mildly optimistic on "Home of the Brave." Me? Nosumuch. Looking at the trailer, of the four main characters that come back, one becomes a nut job with a gun facing the police, one explodes in anger "you weren't there" at one in what looks like a series of dead-end jobs, one is having trouble being Mom again, and the leader (S.L. Jackson) looks to have a son who is being a spoiled anti-war pain in the a55 and is worried about all his soldiers failing to adjust home.

You know, there are some great movies they could make...but won't about this war. Making a movie about a guy who comes home, takes three weeks leave, goes fishing, catches up on the honey-do list, and then spends 3 hours of his first day back at work waiting in line at Pass & Tag because the wife let his car's on-base sitcker expire while he was gone. No, wait. That was my movie.

I know you need drama to make movies, but I really don't want to go through another decade of movies that paints everyone like the Vietnam vets were.

Oh, would it be bad of me if when I was watching the trailer, all I could think of was SLJ yelling "I've had it with these mo********ing Iraqis on this mo********ing road!"? Well I do feel kind of bad...kind of.

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