Monday, June 05, 2006

Lockheed: LCS concept is a dumb idea

They don't say it in those words, but that is what I hear LMT saying.
"In fact, LCS-I appears much more suitable for international customers than the US Navy's [version of] LCS.

"The USN's LCS is designed to be part of a large naval array, while the Israelis are seeking a stand-alone, self-sufficient surface vessel," said the source. "In this respect, the USN is unique in its size and missions, while most of the world's navies are closer to the Israeli concept."

IN requirements will dictate two major differences in the LCS-I hull, compared with the US LCS: Israel intends to mount a four-face phased-array multifunction radar on the LCS, which will require a new topside structure; and unlike the USN, Israel requires the installation of the Mk 41 vertical launcher system.
Let me translate that for you:
LCS is based on a PowerPoint concept that won't work and at $300 million a pop for a hull with no mission system (add another $150-200 million) based on yet to be fielded systems - we can't sell that to anyone. The hull is solid enough to make into a nice Corvette with a phased-array radar and MK-41 - kind of a mini-Arleigh Burke. Now that can break things and kill people. The other thing is just requirement hoops from the Pentagon. Hey, we just work here. Don't blame us.

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