Friday, November 05, 2004

Captain Speicher, shipmate, I Hope it’s You: Time to Take You Home

It looks like we may have found Captain Scott Speicher.

I was but a pup Ensign onsta a few hundred miles away when then LCDR Speicher was lost. Throughout my career, mostly when the stories came out in the mid-90’s over the Clinton Administration not wanting to “go hunting over old bones”, as the shameful Chairman

General Shalikashvili
said. A man of much honor, Admiral Stan Arthur, had a plan to get him. But as we saw many times in the ‘90’s, our lions were being led by donkeys.

My prayers are with Captain Speicher’s family, friends, and loved ones. May his body be brought home, and his soul rest in peace.

UPDATE: Well, my bust. That is what I get for trusting my hometown news source. The Navy states this story is FOD. Too bad. Whoever made this up should be beaten, and those that passed on the rumor................

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