Wednesday, September 01, 2004

McPeak Speaks III – Retired Attack Poodle

To paraphrase the good General (ret.),
“Who the hell is Merrill McPeak to give Karl Rove advice on politics!!”
Merrill, get back in your hole. Rove’s comments had nothing to do with Senator Kerry’s service, only his behavior once Stateside. You know that. Jerk.

You are quickly, if not already, getting the reputation as a political “step-and-fetch-it” (yes, I know that is a loaded phrase, I meant it to) for the Kerry campaign.

You know, Admiral Crowe at least showes some class when he is political, as does General Franks, but you are just a hack. It really does a disservice to those still on active duty to see this immature, amateur, transparent behavior.

How long have you been waiting, practicing your mission plan of indignant defense of Senator Kerry? Putz.


Nothing wrong with prior military getting involved in politics, as a matter of fact, we need more in congress. You however, are just sad.

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