Sunday, November 20, 2022

Pre-Thanksgiving Maritime and Natsec Feast - on Midrats


What do you need tp know to make sure you have all the right talking points around the Thanksgiving table?

If someone brings up the Navy, China, Ukraine, inflation, or supply chain issues - well, we know Midrats regulars are already up to speed - but now's your opportunity to make sure all your talking points are up to date!

No guests, no set agenda, just open phones, open minds, and open chat room for those who are with us live Sunday from 5-6pm Eastern.

Don't be stuck talking about twitter or Taylor Swift this Thanksgiving!

Join us live if you can
, but it not, you can get the show later by subscribing to the podcast. If you use iTunes, you can add Midrats to your podcast list simply by clicking the iTunes button at the main showpage - or you can just click here. You can find us on almost all your most popular podcast aggregators as well.

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