Tuesday, August 01, 2017

RADM Meyer; the Proto-Anti-Transformationalist

Can you ever get enough of the late, great Rear Admiral Wayne E. Meyer, USN (Ret.)? 

Of course you can't.

There is a must read of his from the November 2002 John Hopkins APL Technical Digest that I just became aware of.

Read it all, but here's my favorite bit;
Technology is not what’s significant. On a given day the world is awash in technology and has been since biblical days. What is significant is its utility and application. In fact a “transformation” occurs only a few times each century. (There were some centuries when none occurred.) The passing faddists of today would have us believe that it’s a diurnal occurrence, or at least seasonal. (For example, as I write this, one would conclude from national debates that life simply can’t go on without more bandwidth—immediately—when in reality more bandwidth doesn’t matter one iota to our lives!)

Hat tip NEC338x

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