Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Child Sacrifice in Manchester

By any modern measure, the Roman Empire was a barbaric, brutal, and ruthless society built and maintained by slavery and slaughter. Yet, even to the Romans, the Carthaginians were considered nightmarishly brutal mostly due to one thing; child sacrifice to their god Ba’al Hammon.
We must also say something about her disasters and domestic misfortunes, just as Pompeius Trogus and Justin relate them. The Carthaginians have always had domestic and internal misfortunes. Because of this source of discord and its unhappy faculty of causing disturbance they have never yet enjoyed prosperity abroad, or peace at home. When they were suffering from plagues in addition to their other misfortunes, they resorted to homicides instead of to medicines; indeed they sacrificed human beings as victims and offered young children at their altars. In this way they aroused even the pity of the enemy.

Concerning this form of sacred rite—nay, rather of sacrilege—I am perplexed as to what I should discuss in preference to all else. For if some demons have dared to order rites of this character, requiring as they did that the death of men should be propitiated by human slaughter, it must be understood that these demons acted as partners and promoters of the plague and that they themselves killed those whom the plague had not seized; for it was customary to offer healthy and undefiled sacrificial victims. In doing this they not only failed to allay, but rather anticipated, the pestilences.
And so, in the modern context, we see another case in the United Kingdom, England usually, where once again the British people are more than willing to keep sacrificing their children to the post-modern god of national self-loathing begat in their own image.

This morning, how many families are in blind shock as they try to identify the seeping mass of scattered flesh in bags who were once their beautiful, happy, precocious teenage girls? How many mothers and fathers are pacing halls of hospitals wondering if their girls will survive? Will they walk again? Will they be able to see, hear - will they ever find a plastic surgeon good enough to make them pretty again?

How many girls too young to drive are standing in the shower in horrified tears, though they were untouched, yet they watch at their feet the dried blood of untold people rehydrate and fill the floor in a swirling soup of blood around the drain? How many with shaking hands do their best to pull the gore of shredded flesh, brains, bone and skin that overnight dried and knotted in their hair?

And for what? This did not happen by accident; this happened as a result of government policy over decades that enabled a huge mass of water for a fetid mass of Islamic terrorism to swim in.

Manchester is at the very heart of the UK, and just down the road, a little over 40 miles, from another of their scenes of child sacrifice, Rotherham. Yes, Rotherham, where those with the charter to serve and protect decided that it was best to look the other way as thousands of young girls were groomed as sex slaves by gangs of South Asian men. They looked the other way because they were afraid of the Orwellian PC culture that infests their Metropolitan Police and judicial leadership to the point that basic things such as free speech and protecting girls from pedophiles are of secondary importance not being called bad names, and as such – serve the career interests of police leadership and protect their jobs.

We know now, as fully expected, that the 20-something attacker whose name I will not use here, was “known” to authorities.

They did nothing.

There is a broad range of things that can be done, and yet still respect the rights of honest British subjects of all backgrounds – and yet they do nothing.
Last year, the Government admitted just 14 of nearly 400 returnee fighters have been jailed, raising fears the rest are living off the radar and may be vulnerable to radicalisation.
Until that figure is 386/400, the British are still not serious. People who fight for ISIS are no different than someone who was a member of an SS Einsatzgruppen, and should be treated as such ... like a returning British citizen in 1944 would have been treated who was a member of one in 1941 would be.

That is just one example. The no-go zones, speech laws, and hate-spewing Imams are just a few others.

As I have said over the years, the European failure to control their borders, defend their culture, and demand assimilation by those who come will, in time, force them to become something they don’t want to be.

Responsible, mainstream politicians need to take action before the people eventually turn to irresponsible, fringe politicians who promise to take action.

Some think the slaughter of the Manchester innocents might be a moment of change, but I don’t know if there has been a full ripening yet.

Let’s review, shall we?

- April 7th, 2017: 4 run down in Stockholm.
- March 22nd, 2017: 4 run down in London.
- December 19th, 2016: 12 run down in Berlin.
- July 14th, 2016: 86 run down in Nice.
- March 22nd, 2016: 32 blown up in Brussels.

That is just in Europe in the last year. Do I need to go further? Of course I do;

- November 13th, 2015: 130 shot and killed, blown up and run down in Paris.
- February 14th, 2015: 2 shot and killed in Copenhagen.
- January 7-9th, 2015: 17 shot and killed in Paris.
- May 24th, 2014: 4 shot and killed in Brussels.
- May 22nd, 2014: Lee Rigbey hacked to death in London.

OK. Enough. Perhaps I made my point, but perhaps not.

That does not include the hundreds, perhaps in all over a 1,000 now with major, life changing physical injuries they will carry the rest of their lives. Then you have the untold scores of thousands who are immediate family members and loved ones whose lives will never be the same … and so on.

And yet, the people are supine and the leaders accepting.

There will be more attacks. I actually think we in the West have been lucky. Many of the vignettes we have known as low hanging fruit for years, as simple and effective as the one in Manchester, have yet to take place – but they will.

“Rivers of blood.” Well, yes – you have that Britain, in a fashion.

You welcomed it with eyes wide open.

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