Thursday, June 09, 2016

Diversity Thursday

I have to keep doing DivThu by popular demand for one of many reasons, one being that the rent seeking Diversity Industry does not stop. As the American people work more and more to just be "American," the Diversity Industry for both monetary and psychological reasons cannot allow the people to be unified, much less equal in thought and action.

No, they must continue to keep people divided. When the people will not remain divided, then the Commissariate will force them to tear themselves asunder from one another.

It a delicious bit of irony, the racialist and outright racists in the Diversity Industry have adopted the very same mindset that the KKK, Nazi, and other rabidly racist organizations have; the one drop rule.

They openly refuse to accept that there can be mixed race. When people are of mixed race, they don't recognize that or even default to DNA %, no, they shift to the most lower brain-stem form of racism and sectarianism, "What do they look like?"

A perfect example showed up on my door step the other day.

Federal employees log in to MyBiz. It's essentially a dashboard with all your personnel actions, and history. They are required to fill out ethnicity. There's a box for Privacy Act. When you click it, the narrative below comes up. Look at the highlighted sentences. You can't opt out of reporting but if you do, the supervisor can look at you and tell the system what race you are.


So the official insanity continues. Who will push back, where can you push back, how can you push back? I do not know, but until something very high in the chain of command makes a move - be careful, be subtle - but think globally, act locally.

They cannot defend this kind of racism - so force them to.

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