Tuesday, August 06, 2013

LCS-2: Your Delta Tau Chi name is ....

Just when I think I can get by a few days without LCS breaking out from the ambient noise ... did you catch this little jewel?

First, here is the view of the bow you have all come to know and loath. 

I can't find a still, but here is a screen shot from a bit of lazy reporting from Bloomberg.

YIKES! I guess we are having a few problems with the bow anchor hitting things besides the bottom? What is that, a tapir, mole, a nasalis larvatus

No, there can be only one: LCS-2, your Delta Tau Chi name is, Miss Piggy.

So many different justifications for this name - let's go with the superficial one, shall we? Works for the pro-LCS folks, why not us?

Hat tip LockheedPartisan.

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