Monday, February 16, 2009

Gestion d'espace de l'eau II: Electric Boogaloo

Building off yesterday's post: Insert French Military Joke here.
A French submarine was unaware that it had rammed and damaged a British nuclear sub in a mid-Atlantic collision until it was informed by the Royal Navy.
The French Navy claimed this month that Le Triomphant’s bow sonar dome was probably damaged in a collision with a submerged shipping container while returning from patrol.

It discovered that it had hit a British submarine only after one of their regular exchanges of information with the Royal Navy.

HMS Vanguard returned to its base in Faslane, western Scotland, on Saturday with dents and scrapes on its hull after the collision that was reported to have occurred on February 3 or 4.
I don't buy it. Frog and Limey 1120s trying to be too clever by half....or they have larger issues to worry about.

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