Monday, February 23, 2009

Freedom retreats another step‏

There are choices a free society can make when confronted with a threat to its security. It can focus on the source of that threat - or it can broadly crack down on the society as a whole.

When you crack down on the society as a whole, you run the danger of destroying that which you have created. Now and then, you read "hug your Constitution" here. This is one of those moments.

In Britain, they are smothered by a political correct ruling class that we can only slightly understand here. They are so frightened that someone may call them racist that they will do anything to avoid even a chance for a false smear.

The Long War with Islam is a case in point. In spite of the fact that the latest form of terrorism to the UK is fairly easy to identify - it isn't being addressed. Like the banning of Geert Wilders, they try to appease in the face of threats of violence by high ranking Muslim subjects of the Queen. The will not protect their police by going after those to voice violence .... so what do they do? They attack the freedoms that Islamists want to destroy - doing their job for them.
A new British anti-terrorism law went into effect Monday that could effectively bar photographers from taking pictures of police or military personnel — a move that prompted some 200 photographers to protest outside of Scotland Yard's headquarters.

Although the measure aims to prevent terrorists from taking reconnaissance shots, photographers say it could be misused at a whim to stop any pictures from being taken — especially images involving police abuse and demonstrations.
Freelance photographer Jess Hurd said she was stopped by police when photographing a December wedding of Irish travelers. Part of the story was about how the travelers — who often roam from site to site — face harassment from police.

"The police stopped me and ordered me to stop filming them, saying I could be carrying out hostile reconnaissance," Hurd said. "I had no idea what they were talking about until I realized we were vaguely in the vicinity of City Airport."

Britain has come under fire in recent years for several measures that civil liberties groups say erode people's freedoms. In 2005, another law prohibited demonstrations around Parliament.
It is this way that a society slowly surrenders.

Shame on the British people for letting this go on. Shame on us if we let this mindset grow here as well. Make no mistake - there are plenty here who would rather restrain free speech, free press, free association than confront organized, violent Islamists - who are worse than the Branch Davidians and Christian Identity movement - yet aren't treated with the same attention and rule of law.

Hug your Constitution - and guard her.
UPDATE: More depth on what Britain faces here.

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