Monday, January 10, 2022

Top-5 Blog Posts of 2021

Thought I would start out this week doing what I forgot to do last week - review the top posts from 2021.

I looked over the unique visits at both the OG home at blogspot and the parallel universe over at substack (so places where readers' IT managers block can see it) and this is what seemed to get the most interest via sharing and being picked up by large follower accounts.

What does this tell us? I'm not sure, but I think it reflects a larger concern and feeling many people have that those we have trusted with the stewardship of our nation's military are not doing a good job. That and everyone is still fascinated by the Japanese Navy.

What will 2022 be most interested in? We'll see in a year.

1. Culture is Upstream of Everything (13JUL21): A congressional report on the culture of the Surface Navy.

2. This is What a Whole of Government Epistemic Failure Looks Like (17AUG21): A dozen days before the national humiliation in Kabul, a look at the inevitable. 

3. Japan Back in the Carrier Game ... (05OCT21): The joy and pleasure of the Japanese getting their carrier vibe back.

4. The Global Posture Review: Strategic Vapor Lock (30NOV21): Yes, the state of strategic thought in the US government is as bad as you think.

5. We're Designing Ourselves to Lose (26JUL21): Myopic and ill-focused leadership enabled by a culture that best suits their comfort leads to an unprepared force.

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