Thursday, December 09, 2021

Diversity Thursday

For the last decade and a half or so of DivThu we've often discussed the "Diversity Industry" and tried to describe to those who have yet to encounter it, just how large of an industry it is.

Instead of working towards a society that looks past the useless characteristics of race, creed, sex, color or national origin - they work towards division, promote segregation and unequal treatment ... on your dime.

Sadly, the commissariat has only gotten larger as they have refined their business model of insertion and growth through threats, etho-masochism, well-meaning useful idiocy, leveraging institutional cowardice, and naked careerism to expand their empire.

Few can or will say no to them, as their track record on cancelling and dissociating those who they consider heretics from their religion and gravy train is impressive.

Thanks to Professor Mark Perry, we have a little snapshot of just one little tributary to their empire - The Ohio State University.

Enjoy it Ohio taxpayers, Ohio State alumni, parents, and students - you're paying for it.

Here is the full list ... and while you are looking through it, think about what your university, your government, your military service - what is their bill for this communal folly of investing in sectarianism and division? An entire cadre of otherwise unemployable people who have no metric for success but efforts they make to justify their paycheck and open up additional avenues for paid positions and tribute to the main arms of this multi-billion dollar industry.

Think of the opportunity cost. How many tutors and half-ride scholarships for low income students would $13.4 million dollars cover. Well, we know that is 1,120 full ride scholarships ... imagine 2,000 half-ride and 220 full time tutors in math and science to help those from low performing high schools excel in the fields that our 21st Century economy needs.


If nothing, you have to respect the hustle. 


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