Thursday, June 03, 2021

Diversity Thursday

So, as Russian hackers go after our supply chains, the Chinese fleet expands across the globe, hard drugs flood our cities via the sea, as piracy and Islamic inspired terrorism expands around the African littorals, what do you want the Office of Naval Intelligence to focus their finite attention on?

The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has established an “Artwork Working Group” to develop more inclusive artwork for Naval offices. 

Internal communications obtained by The Daily Wire show that ONI created a “diversity and inclusion artwork working group” to “address the issue” of inclusion in artwork within the naval offices. According to emails, the group began after a virtual diversity town hall in 2020 wherein an ONI employee “raised a concern about how the artwork on display throughout the [National Maritime Intelligence Center] did not represent the diversity of people serving in the Navy.” 


In an email from the ONI Chief of Staff, officers were encouraged to submit any suggestions that might “make everyone at ONI feel valued and welcome through displays and/or artwork.”

I think we covered the photo games first in DivThu well over a decade ago. Excitable and immature people walking hallways county jelly beans is the most basic, blunt, and laughable tactic of the diversity bullies ... but it works in the face of weak leaders terrified of their own shadow. 

As we have seen at universities and corporations, so too we are seeing here. The imbalanced fetishes of an active and aggressive small group ... or just an individual ... are hijacking organizations to distraction.

Why? Simple; they have intellectually cowardly leadership who are terrified of being called names.

Everyone involved here needs to be reassigned. Publicly. Openly. They fear the wrong people.  

The COS at ONI has a Political Science degree from the US Naval Academy. He knows exactly what he is part of here.

These are unserious leaders in a serious job. Sorry, but it has to be said. 

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