Thursday, February 18, 2021

Diversity Thursday

I've decided to change the topic of this week's DivThu. If you're here for the farcical Navy's "Task Force One Navy", well, come back next week.

This is worse and more important. 

For how many years of doing DivThu, through all the name calling, attempts to doxx or cancel me and my sources, have we been told - in spite of the experiences of many here - that in no case will our Navy set up quota systems ... and then in hushed tones perhaps whisper, "Well, they'd never be stupid enough to make it official. We have goals and desires."

OK, here is it, red in tooth in claw. At least it is out in the open - and perhaps has been for quite a while.

Is to exclude someone by race and ethnicity discriminatory?

- "Any Sex field other than "M" (Male).

- "Any Race other then "E" (White) or "F" (Declined to Respond)

The rest is all there below. We, of course, have all the parallel issues in play; 

- Everything here is "self-identified" and brings all the fraud that comes along with it.

- Mixed race people or those who cannot or will not classify themselves are "othered."

- In a zero-sum game, to deny based on race or ethnicity is racism or bias based on same.

- Worse, we are telling everyone - including you - that we do not trust or assume that people that wear the uniform can judge based on merits. Indeed, we seem to be buying in to racial determinism and the assumption that those self-identified minorities will "look out" for those who share the sectarian identities. There are few things more corrosive to a human organization - history is clear about this - than to encourage action and behavior based on race, creed, color, or national origin.

Now it is policy.

Is this where we want our Navy to be?

Is this what our Congress and Judicial branch will allow?

If this nose is let in to the tent, in the open now - red in tooth and claw - then the whole mass of the diversity diktat, implicit bias, intersectionalism - with all the strife, conflict, division, and sectarianism that comes with it - will follow, put down roots, and go to seed.

As we have warned here for years - this does nothing to promote unity or good order and discipline. This promotes disunity, strife, and conflict.

Shame on everyone who approved this.



The cancer of division is spreading.

It has been almost a decade and a half since I was on a board. There wasn't a hard quota by race and ethnicity for voting members. Just a "soft quota" of desire and effort ... but is there now?

“Additionally, diversity among the recorders and assistant recorders who prepare the records for the promotion and advancement boards is regulated in policy similar to the voting membership.”

Final note: don't blame Biden for this. Check the date. This happened on Trump's watch.

Will anyone act?

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