Sunday, September 06, 2020

Fullbore Friday

In a time when political violence is running at a pace not seen in generations, it is helpful to remember why well meaning people should push back hard against agitators from all sides. 

Citizens of good well should especially push back hard against irresponsible rhetoric from politicians. Unstable people are all around us, and they will take what a "leader" says and will run with it.

This week, I want to pull a FbF from just a few years ago when an unstable person decided that he needed to take out the leadership team of a political party ... and the two security personnel who rose to the challenge.

Stuff like that just happens to other people.

Just another trip.

Just another day.

I wonder when I can get another cup of coffee.

Then there is the sound of the guns, and the training kicks in.

There can only be one FbF today; two public servants who saved this nation from what could have been a massacre of political violence unseen in this nation's history.

No more words from me are needed. Their actions speak.

Capitol Police officers Crystal Griner and David Bailey are special agents on Rep. Steve Scalise’s security detail. Scalise was standing near second base in an Alexandria, Virginia park when the bullets began flying from behind the third base dugout, striking Scalise. While Scalise dragged himself to safety, Griner and Bailey lept into action. In an extended firefight, the two agents took down shooter James Hodgkinson while battling through injuries of their own. Both were taken to the hospital after the gunfight, and are recovering from their injuries, officials say.

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