Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Why Our Navy Has a Credibility Problem

The regulars here don't need a refresher on the dog's breakfast and institutional shame that is the ZUMWALT Class DDG (sic). Just click the DDG-1000 tag below if you are new here and want to know what all the fuss is about.

I had to check the day ... but yep, this came out yesterday.

“I’m very excited about getting the Zumwalt-class destroyers out there,” Vice Adm. Rich Brown, commander of Naval Surface Forces, said during a Jan. 6 media teleconference embargoed until Jan. 13. “Incredibly capable ships. When the ships deploy, they will bring the fear of God to our adversaries. I wish we were building more of them. They are great ships.”
Additionally, if you have a warship that was designed around its two 6.1-in guns, guns that cannot be used because we decided we didn't want to pay for the bespoke ammo & it won't use normal 155-mm ... then how does said ship;
Zumwalt “is tracking right on the timeline … and it’s looking like [fiscal 2021] will be FOC [full operational capability],” he said.
I'm sorry Admiral Brown, but no one believes what you've said. If you really believe this - and this is a free country, people can think what they want - then don't be surprised if this colors all other opinions you voice.

This is over the top happy talk. When you do such things, it will make everyone question everything else you say. They will wonder what else you are saying or claiming that has no ground in objective truth.

Sorry, but that is the plain truth.

You can change standards all day long, but it does not change the fact that this white elephant is nothing more than a technology demonstrator ... and an example of how not to run a program.

Shame on everyone.

When will we get a leadership that treats everyone like adults, and speaks truth? Leaders who act and speak like a customer OF the military-industrial complex, and not someone sounding at best like an industry spokesman, or posturing for a board position after retirement at worst.

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