Monday, August 05, 2019

How Many Votes Does a Military Budget Buy?

A regular topic here is the unfortunate state of our most reliable ally's military; Great Britain.

As we start to face the result of our ever growing welfare state while still desiring a larger military - it is best to look across the pond to see where a few more decades of expanding welfare state mentality will take you;
The study by the Centre for Social Justice highlighted that £36 billion went on working-age welfare payments in 2011/12 in the capital, compared with defence spending of £33.8 billion.
The report by the think tank, which was founded by Iain Duncan Smith before he became Work and Pensions Secretary, argued Britain is blighted by “welfare ghettos” where large numbers of people have been abandoned on unemployment benefits.
The number of children in workless households, nearly one in five according to the report, was the second highest in Europe, second only to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Parts of Denbighshire in Wales were among the worst affected areas, with 67 per cent of people aged between 16 and 64 in the Rhyl West ward dependent on unemployment benefits.
The Centre for Social Justice, which supports the Government’s welfare reforms, said the UK cannot afford to delay them. However, Labour and Green Party MPs claim the changes risk creating “no-go areas” for both the working poor and benefit claimants, by driving people out of some central London districts.
...and yet they continue to allow on this crowded island, the importation of hundreds to thousands of under-educated, lower skilled immigrants - flooding the lower skilled job market and depressing wages. The demand signal will only increase.

If you cannot "sell" the public on the needs for a strong defense, then their elected representatives will apportion funds in line with this electoral reality.

If your ruling class seems to be force-moding the future of the nation from a dependency POV, then you have larger problems.

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