Monday, March 13, 2017

Wait, the EU's Disaggregation is Trump's Fault Too?

Well, this is silly.
Prime Minister Robert Fico told Slovakia's parliament on Wednesday he was skeptical of the Union's future once Britain leaves in 2019.

"I'm afraid the EU will be divided by the money issue after 2020...In the spirit of Trump's 'America first', we can expect to hear 'Germany first', 'France first' etc."
Confusing correlation with causation a bit there Bobby?

Sure, There is a wind blowing in the West right now - and it is a rejection of much of the political globalism pushed by the Davos gaggle and their ilk. They have failed the people, and the people are pushing back. You can't blame this on Trump. 

In Europe, this is embodied by the EU. It has outgrown its natural usefulness in a diverse continent beset by the ethnic problems that have plagued it from pre-history. The European people in time tire of those who try to weld them together as one entity. They especially don't like Romans, French, German or other groups who try to hold the high income/high status positions for themselves, and for the others ...
And there is a brewing crisis over what eastern leaders see as hypocritical protectionism inside the EU single market by western governments trying to impose their own national minimum wages on enterprising -- and cheap -- eastern "posted workers", who offer services like trucking and construction in the west.
Europe. You do you ... you always seem to.

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