Thursday, March 05, 2015

Diversity Thursday

A little reminder from last month about the very political nature of the entire Diversity Industry.

Each part of the Navy's diversity commissariat is really just the USN's contribution to two things; (1) A source of employment for otherwise unemployable diversity professionals, (2) An outpost of the political system that exists to ensure the larger survival of (1).

That political system feeds, carves out reliable voting blocks, and fundraises off of division, sectarianism, hate, and the most base form of tribalism.

Now and then, one of the branches of this toxic socio-political movement lets the mask slip in some way that serves as a nice, "See, I told you so."

This is not about diversity, inclusion, fairness, or any of the fruits of the enlightenment - it is just plain old rent seeking power blocks and their self-supporting network. When our Navy supports it - it is no different than if our funds were going directly in to a Political Action Committee supporting pick-the-cause.

This week's example is from our friends in Chapel Hill;
The leadership at UNC-Chapel Hill has made it clear that it supports diversity on its campus – as long as you agree with it politically, that is.

Chancellor Carol Folt, Vice Chancellor Winston Crisp and the Student Advisory Committee to the chancellor co-hosted a dinner with 40 student leaders from student organizations across the campus last week to discuss diversity and the school’s future.

But not a single conservative student group was invited to voice an opinion.

In fact, right-leaning organizations including the UNC College Republicans, Carolina Students for Life, UNC Young Americans for Liberty, the Tar Heel Rifle and Pistol Club, and Christians United For Israel were not even aware of the dinner until the Daily Tar Heel wrote an article about it the next day.
Sure, feel free to take a shower Tarheels, you do look a bit slimy.

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