Monday, July 09, 2012

She was fired for you

You really need to read it all, but let this pull quote motivate you:
By the time the investigation into Mr. Alvarez was under way, Ms. Campbell had other concerns. Days after the trip to Big Creek, she said, she was suspended by the company and told that it was unprofessional to confront Mr. Alvarez.

One supervisor said, “I don’t understand why you made such a big deal. You’re not even a Marine anymore,” Ms. Campbell recalled.

“Do you understand what they do to earn their awards?” Ms. Campbell replied.

Suspended from her job, Ms. Campbell said she later got a phone call from the company asking her to attend a meeting. When she walked into the office, she said, she saw boxes full of her belongings.

It was official, she said — she’d been fired.
Former Marine, Melissa Campbell stood to that lying, shameful bucket of goo Alverez - and her former employer slathered itself with perpetual shame by firing her.

California - figures.

She is has a job now serving her fellow Marines, Sailors and other servicemembers as a family readiness, so good on her.

Ms. Campbell; thank you, you are a great Marine. Bravo Zulu.

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