Thursday, June 09, 2011

Jack Welch goes Salamander

All in for T-Paw!

Watch it all. It is what drew me to Pawlenty early.


  1. Kristen11:42

    Pawlenty is my guy too.  This kind of notice from Jack Welch is great for his campaign.  If he can just break through the noise, I think people will like what he has to say.

  2. Salty Gator15:51

    Really?  You were watching CNN and Piers Morgan?  Really?

  3. CDR Salamander16:22

    Don't be silly.  I just forgot to H/T Hotair.

    Don't be insulting..... ;)

  4. DM0521:06

    T-Paw 2012 - bet on it. Not sure that I care for Jack the t/ripper as his advocate, but he has successfully run a private sector company. T-Paw will enable free enterprise, and the current occupant doesn't know jack about Econ 101 or how to kick start a sputtering economy.

  5. ewok40k03:13

    Good Ole Pawlenty anyone?

  6. DeltaBravo10:07

    I'm kinda still waiting and hoping Gov. Perry runs.  Maybe adopts Pawlenty as his veep.

  7. Casey Tompkins19:22

    Meh.  Another social conservative with doubtful political conservative roots, especially his enthusiasm for smoking bans & mandating 20%-ethanol gas for his state.

    The fact that so many socially-conservative politicians still obsess over outlawing abortions and gay civil unions tells me they don't have their head in the game.