Saturday, February 11, 2012

Video of last night's Salamanderpalooza in DC

It was a last minute thing so there was only a little more than a half dozen of us there; thanks Therapist1 for the video - he has his brother's eye for the camera methinks.

I was playing pool with URR when Actus Reus finally showed up late. We played a little pool and gossip'd a bit.

She said something about Mr. AR being at the bar getting everyone a round of drinks, but I really couldn't understand the details and I think he went over to the table Jerry was at to share some Pentagon gossip, looking over at the pool table now and then and - for some reason - laughing at me and URR.
Funny thing, URR (who shocked me with his impressive weight loss and shock of thick dark hair) was on a roll regaling us with Vermont hijinks stories, but all of a sudden got real quiet. Funny habit of his - I've never seen someone hold a drink so long before drinking it. Huh.

BTW - what do you think of the vest look? I found a few at the Goodwill store and thought I would test drive them now that I have let my hair grow out. I don't know ... it makes me look older I think.

The official Salamanderpalooza greeting is now officially, "Ahoy."

Ahhhh ... Central Europe; where the women are equal yet still are allowed to be women ... and men can be men - and more often than not we can all laugh at it without calling anyone names.

Should Have Been a Superbowl Add.

No translation required.
Post script: I have already apologized to AR for such s3xist objectification and she has sent me the proper NKO/GMT videos I must watch for remediation. My attempts to explain my horrible behavior on the fact that I was second guessing my decision to not become a NATO civilian and come home fell on deaf ears. I did manage to get her to suspend my punishment of watching the Rachael Maddow show for 6 months; take what victories you can nowadays. As part of my agreement with the Commissariat, for now on this will be the only video of non-Western European women I will play.

Hat tip JR.


  1. Eva Vica Kerekes

  2. Mike14:16

    Gotta love foreign commercials. Can you imagine the howl from the feminazis if this were to play in the US. Totally agree with your observation about European women and men. Having lived for 3 years in Belgium, 2 in Italy, and now in Germany, European women typically dress nicer than american women and seem to appreciate when men notice. Something american women typically dont understand. 

  3. ActusRhesus14:17

    yeah well, as I learned in law school hustling pool is a great way to pay for text books and when you're playing for money, you do whatever you can to distract the opponent.

  4. MaryR15:38

    Here's one I like - from a different perspective. 

  5. Kristen16:24

    Well, dang.  Of course I'd like to see AR playing pool, but that's not looking like something I should click on. O:-)

  6. Surfcaster17:22

    What happens in the Czech Republic...

  7. Byron17:27

    Phib, you must be coming off that disgust-trip you had yesterday over the USS Giffords...did you start drinkin that ghey wine early, or did you go straight to the sipping whiskey? 8-)

  8. Byron17:33

    Stupid linky thing...: this is how the boys and girls in southern Russia get down:

  9. Surfcaster17:42

    Couldn't make it past two verses... didn't think anyone could ruin that song but they found a way.

    Now URR has been moonlighting as Captain America so (my 11 year old loves this).

  10. andrewdb17:57

    Byron - I'll see your Red Army Choir, and raise you the chorus line here: 

    Max Raabe & Palast Orchester

  11. When I quit going to sea for a living some years back, I worked in a hospital...

    Which most folks folks think of in terms of illness and healing. Well, as one of the -few non gay- guys working there, I quickly realized that it is a building slam full of women.

    There never never was a better briarpatch.

    Anyway, pegged as "nice" early on...I was routinely used, passed around, and generally abused.

    So, in retaliation (and general cheap entertainment), I would sometimes cruise into one of the nurse's stations when they were taking reports and do my best to somehow insinuate into the conversation:

    Women;objects that God intended them to be!

    or borrowing from Thomas Fuller (and later Red badge of Courage):

    Women, dogs and walnut trees...The more you beat 'em, the better they be!

    And then innocently ask why on earth anyone would want to ever abuse a walnut tree???

    At that point, things would generally start to get rollin'. 8-)

  12. DeltaBravo18:33

    They had my eyes rolling when she used her fine washables as a scrunchie for her hair, Kristen.  REALLY??!   Ick.

  13. There is a problem with that DB? Where??


  14. ActusRhesus18:52

    well, I never did THAT.

    I just wore strategically distracting uniform items.

  15. Byron19:06

    Since I'm a Southern boy and Lynard Skynard is from Jacksonville where I've lived for nearly 50 years, I thought it was a serious hoot to see "Sweet Home..."done by some guys from Finland, a few chicks, and the Red Army Choir and Orchestra. I mean, think about it...the absolute worst of American degenerate culture singing with the freakin' Chairmans band? 8-)

  16. UltimaRatioRegis19:07

    Heh!  That was awesome!

  17. UltimaRatioRegis19:08

    AR, that requires explanation.  Detailed explanation. 

  18. butch20:03

    Pictures or it didn't happen.

    (I denounce myself)

  19. The Usual Suspect20:15

    The leads look like they have modeled their hairdos on the LCS.

  20. DeltaBravo20:19

    AR...Strategically distracting uniform items indeed!  Phib, next time you have a DCpalooza, let me know.  I'll find me one of those snuggie-footie leopard print things with the ears and swingy tail they advertise on tv.  I bet ALL eyes in the room will be on ME!  ;)   

  21. Byron23:11

    Well, it's massive tongue in cheeck is what it is, just like the big haired girls on stage. What makes it surreal is hearing Skynard (well, bad Skynard) and seeing a bunch of Communists behind them singing merrily along 8-)

  22. Byron23:12

    I think my mental eyes just fell out of my head...and now I wait for my heart to restart 8-)

  23. UltimaRatioRegis23:27

    Big points for the Wendy's commercial. 

    Best commercial ever aired.

  24. ewok40k00:50

    from Poland I send you that girl with PKM:
    and for treadheads: yes, that is ex-Bundeswehr Leo2 in the hangar

  25. DeltaBravo01:02

    Byron likes feetie pajamas?

  26. The Usual Suspect01:04

    A Congresscritter from Oregon wore one of those tiger footie outfits last he is unemployed.  Even Nasty Pelosi would not stand behind him.

  27. Casey Tompkins01:51

    I love those guys. Their covers of "Stairway to Heaven" and "Those Were the Days" are just as much fun.

    Interesting how they work Russian motifs into Western works.

  28. Casey Tompkins02:01

    Oh. My. Goodness. Someone prettier {er} as pretty as Christina Hendricks. Wow. Just, wow.

    True story: I used to work in a restaurant run by a women who looked exactly like the "svimvaire" model. One of my fellow cooks would (when she was not about) parade grandly down the line announcing "Svimvaire! Eveningvaire!"

    ...There's a story there involving a Polish renovation crew, but I decided (out of respect for Kristen and DB) to delete that bit. O:-)

  29. SCOTTtheBADGER05:55

    I wish you wouldn't do things like calling Actus Rhesus, Actus Reus.  Having to wear my M-1 helmet scrunches my ears down.

  30. Guest06:01

    Further south, in the Balkans, you'll find tall, slender, drop-dead gorgeous women very thick on the ground.  The Adriatic beaches in the summertime are almost indescribable, and I'm not talking about the shoreline.

  31. LT B06:22

    Weren't there two girls from Athens, GA in that band?  (anybody catch the reference? from Phib's fave music era)

  32. Surfcaster09:28

    She has the <span>Christina Hendricks look down, though in a leaner, meaner chassis

  33. Kristen14:03

    DB, fine  Never mind, on second thought I definitely don't want to know. 

  34. Grandpa Bluewater07:21

    Ewok: I think I went to high school with her Great Aunt. Strong family resemblance. Big factory town, or used to be.