Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Retro Wednesday: ASW .... Old School Baby!

Is that a tasty cig I see in CIC ~ the 1 minute mark? Sigh.

Hat tip Stuart.


  1. SCOTTtheBADGER04:12

    They're gonna git that sub, if it costs every torpedo/ASCROC/depth charge the USN owns.

  2. maogwai cat06:27

    Great memories of those curser wheels on the Q-13A in the SH3D! Ahh, to hear the words onthe radio, "Dip Gang..."

  3. Herbal07:22

    A Stoof With A Roof!

  4. Retired but still have to work09:28

    Wow, the Navy sounds like a lot of fun.  Where can I apply for that kind of work?

  5. Captain Joe12:11

    Wow! Were those German or Japanese subs you were sinking, Uncle Phib?

  6. steeljawscribe12:34

    Hmmm....WF/E-1B with a "GE" on the tail --> VAW-12 (Det x) or VAW-121 (Det x)...lessee, HS-5 + VS-31 and VS-28 on USS WASP (CVS 18) means this was the final deployment of CVSG-52 (OCT - NOV 69) to the Caribbean before it was disestablished on Dec 15, 1969. So that was a VAW-121 Det 11 bird at the start -- not long after VAW-12 was broken up into individual squadrons (APR 68) -- VAW-121 (E-1B), VAW-122 (E-2A), VAW-123 (E-2A) and RVAW-120 (E-1B/E-2A RAG) overseen by CAEWWing-12.
    w/r, SJS

  7. John13:23

    Hah!  Way too many resources used in this.

    Now we can just send out a single LCS with its mighty ASW module.


  8. William Powell18:07

    Now that brings back a whole lot of memories.  That's the way we did it when I was a young sailor.  My little brother was a deck ape on Ticonderoga (CV-14) back then.

  9. ahhhh watchin a couple of frammed fletchers at speed even if only for a second or two.


  10. MR T's Haircut20:34

    I saw the video.. brought back lots of memories... I was using that gear into the 90's.  My first squadron felw SH-3D and the Sonar was the same as we had.  (our Mad birds were on loan to the Brits for Falklands).  the S-2 had the same RO-114 /ASA-26 that we had in the H-2 and the RO-358 MAD recorder.    My days on the Big E as USW Module Officer, I would have killed for 3 officers helping me do ASW, but I had a good watch team...  ah the heady days of the 80's and 90's..

  11. MR T's Haircut20:35

    The best part about the SH3D Sonar system was you could actually steer the signal and the crosshairs were used with wheels on x and y axis.. fun stuff...

  12. SJBill22:09

    SJS - this vid is a little earlier than WASP's last dance. The SH3s were dark gray, and these lasted until late '66, maybe into '67. The A/C numbers were two digit and not three (Fudd was "29"). That change occurred in '67, I think. The Fudds were (I believe) VAW-12 "Bats", before the blishment of VAW 121. These birds were CVSG-52 A/C, and I think they flew off CHAMP for a while.

    This may be a mix of A/C from two CVSGs. The blue checkerboard tail SH-3A may have been from HS-5. IIRC all CVSG-54 birds had checkerboard tails at the time (Red, yello and blue. Will have to check my cruise book). ESSEX was the mothership for CVSG-54, but she had some yard work in Bean Town back then. I first reported to ESSEX while she was in the North Boston Annex on Memorial Day weekend of 1966. We brought her down to Quonset shortly thereafter.

    The Stoofs were likely "D" variants, pre-MCJR link days. The first "E" mods were for VS-22 & VS 32, abaord ESSEX. I was on the receiving end of these birds in late May of '67.

    Note the JULIE stations. Ha! Make much noise? We never used JULIE - far too "active".

    The Fudds were the first for each launch and they took altitude. I am not sure if we ever initiated a contact with the Fudd radar except during TRAINEX. Barrier Jez worked pretty well with Ivan. Oh, did I mention we had help from ashore? And we never pinged.

    OT, has anyone ever griped about not being able to comment using IE-9?


    SJBill sends

  13. Grandpa Bluewater23:41

    Got to detect and localize first.  If the sub evades and gets the CVS - game over. Evading is the easy part.
    Penetrating the screen and nailing the flattop from short range somewhat more challenging. Why short range?  Huge delay in IOC for the first Mk 48's.  Doing it with a Mk 14 or 16 could get right sporty...but no hill for a stepper.

  14. Douglas02:12

    What is this "Navy" you speak of? We have a Global Force For Good now.

  15. maogwai cat11:59

    Yep. And for cruises, we got to go on the HMCS Provider. :)

  16. MR T's Haircut16:18

    Were you in HS-85?  I was circa 1988.  Just for a few months.