Friday, February 10, 2012

Of course ....

I think I'll just start drinking early today.
On Feb. 29, President Obama and the First Lady will host an East Room dinner for returning Iraq veterans, with representatives of all ranks, all branches, and every state and territory. Attire will be formal: black tie or dress uniform. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Gen. Martin Dempsey, will attend. More than 100 combat veterans of Iraq will be invited, along with a guest for each, many of whom are expected to also be veterans. The guest list will include wounded warriors, caregivers, and Gold Star families, who have lost a loved one as the result of military service. The list is being assembled by the senior enlisted representative for the five service chiefs, and the goal is a mix that is racially diverse, old and young, gay and straight.
The only good thing about this is an opportunity to join my friends at TAH, BLACKFIVE, along with my secret mistress Bookie for a collective - WTF.

Pathetic, insulting, patronizing and disgraceful all wrapped up in an under-cooked pupusa. .... and having a Senior NCO go out there to do your dirty work for you too?

Just what I want - the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy calling his Fleet CMDCMs and asking - "Hey Shipmate - who are your best queer Sailors? I mean gay Sailors ... I mean homosexual Sailors ... I mean LGBTQ Sailors ... aw, h311, you know what I mean."

CMDCM replies, "Male or Female."

MCPON sputters, "I don't know. They didn't specify. Does it matter? Can we ask? Fcuk! Someone get me the JAG."

Sigh. Parade for the NY Giants? Yes. Iraq War? No. Still want a dinner? Feh; let's not and say we did.

I'd love, ahem, to see a copy of any email chain or letter directing this.


  1. Pogue12:43

    Please forward this post to the White House...  Please! :-P

  2. andrewdb12:47

    It's flyover country so it probably doesn't count.

  3. Guest13:09

    The stripes on that girl on the right look strikingly like the pajamas the North Vietnamese had us wear.

  4. John13:20

    What a disgusting charade!

    Will attending be considered a reward, or punishment.  Can "selectees" decline to attend.

    It would be neat to attend a White House event, but given the cynicism and dowrnight bad decisions by the current Commander in Chief, and his obvious disdain for the military, I don't think I would want to go under his regime.

    Besides, Moo-Moo will probably ensure that sucky "healthful" snacks are provded, then demand everyone "Just Move!"

    President Bush spent a lot of low profile visit time at Walter Reed, and had a number of vets to the White House to honor them.   In the presnt case, I think this is being set up so that Obama's narcissistic need for adoration can be sated by the feeling that the troops are honoring him.

    And, that is without even getting into the totally hor$e$h!t aspects of demanding the "politically correct" demographic mix. 

    We must, and will, obey, but we do not have to like, respect, or vote for this clown.

  5. UltimaRatioRegis13:32

    Maybe Missy Mullen will be there.  And he can get dry-humped on the dance floor by a lady-boy Petty Officer. 

    Where's Jhey?  Is he ever going to admit that the homosexual activists have from the beginning had the goal of wrapping themselves in Diversity?  And that DoD would happily oblige?

  6. maogwai cat13:40

    I somehow think that most of the troops coming home would rather have a quiet pitcher of beer and a pizza with friends, family and fellow vets.

    Back in '97, the Spousal Unit and I lived in London and we would visit Lakenheath to do laundry and have a good American dinner served at the NCO Club at RAF Mildenhall. One Friday evening,  we noticed about fifteen scrungy looking characters wearing slept in Cammies sitting at a goup of tables across from our table, we quickly figured out they were returning from 'down range', waiting for further transit to Home. The wife and I thought about how well we had it and it occured to us to quietly ask the waitress to bring them five pitchers of beer, pay for it and not let them know who bought those pitchers. It was fun to watch the troopers relax and enjoy the beer and it felt even better to be anonymous. We did that for about a year and a half, or so and never got caught.

    Disgusting that our President would use our Military in a dishonest manner, it's almost like hiring a stripper.

  7. maogwai cat13:42

    Not that hiring a stripper is dishonest or really disgusting...

  8. UltimaRatioRegis13:53


    It counts.  More power to St Louis.  It counts a lot.  Good on them.

  9. Steel City14:28

    I would have preferred (and I'm guessing that so would the lucky 100 selected to attend) that the POTUS meet a returning flight of soliders from Iraq or AFGH and do something similar for them as maogwai cat describes below.  Buy them some beer!

  10. Byron14:35

    ...unless you hire a really ugly stripper 8-)

  11. QMC(SW)(ret)14:37

    I wish I could picture the MCPON voicing your dialog, but the fact is you don't get anywhere near the office of MCPON without being a total mouthpiece for the flavors of the day. The senior enlisted of the Navy are on the bandwagon pounding the diversty drum right there with their flag officers.   

  12. I'm here!  But not much these days -- sorry -- just haven't had the time - and when prioritizing the time I do have -- another "tempest in a teacup" doesn't rate much attention -- but enjoy wailing & salivating!!  Cheers!

  13. DeltaBravo16:15

    Thanks alot, URR.  You had to summon him out of his crypt!  As if the day isn't weird enough.  (Hey, our country noticed Anonymous crashed the CIA website.  Nice!)

  14. cdrsalamander16:30

    "... <span>enjoy wailing & salivating!</span>"

    Some times, you share a little too much of your weekend plans. ;)

  15. This was all so predicatable.  

  16. Brad18:33

    What a farce.  Shame.  Disgrace.  Poli-self-licking-ice-ream-cone.

    Sadly, Nov is yet too far away.

    Would a REAL CinC step up ???  PLEASE ?????

  17. LT Rusty18:58

    ... but if you want a really ugly one, I know this place, it's right off base in Mayport ...

  18. The Usual Suspect18:59

    ...and get a banana show

  19. LT Rusty19:00

    If you ask really nice, Sal will maybe let us see some of the selected IP addresses that visit. is occasionally on that list.

  20. Guest21:35

    I hope they at least include one corpse-man.

  21. LT B23:41

    It is always the Marine that eats the banana!

  22. maogwai cat08:46

    Is that place still open? I remember driving by it every day, twenty years ago... a real dump.

  23. Old Navy09:29

    Ah...more good news from the Global Force for Good...