Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When they can't win - they cheat

Typical of the hate-filled Left.
The 7-foot-tall metal cross in a 75-year-old war memorial that withstood the heat of the Mojave Desert and a blazing battle in the Supreme Court over its legality was ripped down and stolen Sunday night, according to federal officials.

"This is an outrage, akin to desecrating people's graves," said Kelly Shackelford, president of the Liberty Institute, which represents the caretakers of the Mojave Desert War Memorial. "It's a disgraceful attack on the selfless sacrifice of our veterans. We will not rest until this memorial is re-installed."

The National Park Service says someone cut the metal bolts holding the metal-pipe cross to the top of the memorial's Sunrise Rock and made off with it Sunday night or before dawn on Monday.


  1. SNAnonymous22:12

    Was it the hate-filled left, or ignorant vandals?

  2. Combat NFO22:13

    Who stole it?

  3. cdrsalamander22:44

    You're right!  The Right is full of anti-Christian bigotry!  I can't believe I forgot that.  The Right is always trying to remove all images and references to religion in public live.  They are always trying to remove memorials that might even hint of religious reference.

    My bust.  

  4. bizjetmech22:45

    I saw this cross as a kid and remember it to this day.
    I don't know what hurts more, the fact that they ripped this out of the ground or the fact that they are so hate filled that they couldn't obey a decision by the court. It just has to be their way legally or not.
    It is too coincidental that it was someone other than those opposed to the cross and I am guessing that there will probably be no arrests.
    As you say, when they cant win, they cheat.  It became appearant in the 2000 election that they didn't care about the rule of law and it continues today.

  5. SNAnonymous00:53

    I am by no means condoning its theft.  I was just suggesting that it might not have been politically motivated and that the work may have been purely an act of vandalism.

  6. Combat NFO01:25

    Oh SNA, that doesn't fit the stereotype.  What are you thinking?

  7. ewok40k02:15

    Well, to keep you confronted with similar happenings on my home turf, last year a group of criminals apparently hired by Swedish neonazi leader has stolen famous "Arbeit macht frei" sign from the Auschwitz main gate. To their credit our cops managed to track and capture them within 48 hours. There are always people for whom history's heroes and sacrifices wil  be enemy.

  8. CV6007:21

      While it is possible that it was merely criminal, there are several facts that weigh against this hypothesis:
    1) The cross is in a very remote place.  You have to work relatively hard to get there.
    2) The cross has little salvage value, ie, unlike stealing copper or aluminum, the cross (I believe) is made of steel, which doesn't have much recycling value
    3) The timing-The cross has been in place, unmolested, for approximately 70 years.  Suddenly, one month after an adverse USSC ruling regarding the cross, it is stolen.  In context, that is evidence the court ruling is the reason for the theft
    4) You have to do some serious work and have some relatively significant equipment to remove the cross and haul it away.  It wasn't simply a matter of taking a wrench and undoing bolts.  I believe they had to be  cut.

    All in all, the evidence suggests this was not merely criminal, but done in response to the loss at the USSC.  In other words, the people who did this are reprehensible, not only because of the symbolism of their act, but because the act itself evidences an utter contempt for the rule of law.

  9. UltimaRatioRegis07:23


    And Major Hasan yelling "Allahu Akbar" while standing on a desk before he started shooting doesn't necessarily mean that attack was Islamic Terrorism either.

  10. CV6007:27

    From what I recall about that incident, the sign was recovered, except for one "i", and that it had been cut into 3 pieces.  Although it can be mostly restored, it will always remain damaged.  Perhaps, in its damaged state, it will remain a more potent reminder of what the Jews continue to face as memories of the holocaust fade

  11. cdrsalamander07:40

    California, sadly, is not Poland.  

  12. CV6007:52

    Yeah, I'm letting my eternal optimism show again  ;)

  13. I wonder if they will recycle it?

    Maybe the recycling company will report the villains who stole this memorial.

  14. Master AssClown09:27

    LOL. If you call something what it is, then some PC rule gets invoked that claims an attempted use of common sense.

  15. Navy Suppo09:47

    Guarantee though that 90% of the supposed "hate filled left" would not approve or condone of this act.  Why even use the words "hate filled left" unless you already have a personal agenda and are looking for actions simply to justify that message.

  16. Wharf Rat10:37

    What I've always missed here is this - the constitution references not establishing a state church - I get that, (in the context of church/state seperation), but why are the words about protecting the free expression of religion left out in rulings.

    As a I chuckled with the obvious sarcasm of Old Sal., So whenever there is a ruling that requires the removal of a navitiy scene for example, is it also true that by preventing the free expression of religion the ruling itself becomes unconstitutional?  This cross was saved by the fact that it was 'historical' in nature, and only by that. 

    I believe what many comments are saying is analagous with the Tea Party demonstrations - when they show up and demonstrate, nobody gets arrested, and the place is left clean.  When the left protested here in the Twin Cities during the Republican Convention, there was vandalism, arrests, bomb plots.  Millions was spent on cleanup.  Same thing last week in CA protesting the Arizona immigration law, the protesters continually show they have no tolerance for the rule of law. 

  17. xbradtc10:44

    Uh, because it takes a fair amount of hate to motivate someone to drive into the middle of the Mojave Desert, cut the bolts and physically remove a large heavy cross?

  18. Byron10:56

    Well, maybe because it's only the far left that froths at the mouth whenever there is a display of Christian beliefs in a public place? Note that I did not say "Islamic", since we all know better than to stereotype. The point being is that it isn't a huge leap of deductive reasoning to think that a far left/"hate-filled" left would go to these lengths.

  19. Outlaw1310:59

    This is absolutely disgusting.  I can't believe what is happening to our nation.

    To think that this was a random act of vandals immediately after the court ruling, stretches the limits of credibility.

  20. Anonymous11:18

    I'm disappointed that someone stole it, but there is an upside. Now they can honor ALL veterans by rotating through the 40 other symbols that can go on my VA-provided headstone: http://www.cem.va.gov/hm/hmemb.asp

  21. Robbo11:19

    sorry, that's me

  22. cdrsalamander11:21

    Ummm Suppo - this is an opinion blog.  I run this blog.  I have opinions.  I have reasons for my opinions.  I would like to see my opinions provide commentary that my readers might find of interest - or if they object to - offer contrary opinions.  I use works to provoke discussion, and evoke thought.

    Welcome to the blogosphere ... I hope your decade long coma recovery goes well.

    You, of course, are totally objective, have no opinions, and no agenda in anything you do.

    I'm naked here - thank you from stating that water is wet.  Hang around though - I look forward to your comments refining the discussion.

  23. Anonymous12:55

    "Hey, guys! THere's a bright side to this act of vandalism!
    Now that the cross has been stolen in an act of desecration, the ACLU can get what it wants! That's an upside, right?"

    Yep- always look on the bright side of religously-sourced terrorism.

  24. Anonymous16:20

    Has to have been "The Left"! The no good, dirty, rotten, bastedges! I bet Obamer's boys did it on orders, too! Had to have been! No evidence is needed! Every one in them red, no ... blue ... no ... red, err Left states are in on it!

  25. Robbo19:16

    Terrorism? Really?

    More like vandalism/theft.  Don't get your panties in a bunch.

    I am more often accused of being part of the hate-filled right. But I'm atheist, so I don't see how this symbol of torture and human sacrifice honors non-christian vets anymore than a replica electric chair does. On federal land, then, it looks like the government is showing a preference of one religion over others, which is unconstitutional.

  26. cdrsalamander19:52


    Why don't you be real brave and join our DrawMohammedForADay contest?

    Taunting Christians is for pu55ie5.

  27. Robbo20:01

    Check-rog on <span>DrawMohammedForADay</span>

    <span>This is an opinion blog, right?  I read this blog (every day).  I have opinions.  I have reasons for my opinions. </span>"Troll"? Really?

    (Mohammed's a wanker! Mohammed's a wanker!)

  28. UltimaRatioRegis20:05

    "<span>I don't see how this symbol of torture and human sacrifice honors non-christian vets anymore than a replica electric chair does"</span>

    And, since your opinion is the only one that matters, we all need to accept it without question.

    And you wonder why you get the designation of "troll"?

  29. Anonymous20:09

    Who says anyone's opinion here is the only one that matters? Sounds like I'm a "troll" because I don't agree with Sal/URR

  30. Robbo20:11

    Cookies ... crap ... yes, that's me again, Robbo

  31. Byron20:26

    Robbo, perhaps if you lost the santimonious tone you might be listened to. Otherwise: /ignore troll

    (something that does not happen often here, proving that some people just like wrestling with pigs in mud.)

  32. DeltaBravo20:28

    Aww, Byron, I'm ignoring him.   Jesus Christ promised the Cross would become a sign of contradiction to the world and people would hate us because of it.  I'm always happy to see the Atheists prove Him right.  ;)    (He was right about EVERYTHING!)

  33. Anonymous20:29

    i didn't read a sanctimonious tone, i think you stopped reading at the word "atheist"

  34. UltimaRatioRegis20:32


    He'd have been awesome on Jeopardy!

  35. Robbo20:32

    not me this time, but thanks

  36. DeltaBravo20:35

    Don't vandals usually leave the item behind, broken, painted, knocked over....

    The fact the cross disappeared in the dead of night kicks it up to a completely new level of (dare we call it... iconoclasm?)

  37. Robbo20:44

    URR, lol; who are 3 people who've never been in my kitchen?

  38. Old NFO02:56

    That there are people who get their panties in a twist over any real or perceived practice of Christianity never ceases to baffle me.  Typical of the intolerance of the self described tolerant liberals.  Every founder who wrote on the subject called the US a Christian nation.  Several states had actual state religions at, and for well after, the ratification of the bill of rights.  The 1st amendment clearly states what it's purpose is.  It takes a willful act of self deception to construe it as forbidding any free exercise or expression of religion.  Why do atheists insist on forcing their minority beliefs on the vast majority of others, and why does the left so vigorously applaud them?