Monday, May 17, 2010

The Russians execute PLAN SALAMANDER

... in a little rougher way than the Dutch - as you would expect from the Russians.

Also a couple of things - note the non-Somali ethnicity of the guy who told the lie and paid the price - and the language the Russians use to speak to pirates.

Yep, if you are a pirate - be very careful what warship you do your business near.


  1. DeltaBravo09:12

    Очень хорошо, друзья!

    (Likes it when they make pirates all gone!)  :-D

  2. ewok40k09:21

    Dont mess with the Bear... Only times Russians are usually beaten is when they overextend war of aggression like Poland 1920, Finland 1939, or AFG 1979-1989.

  3. SCOTTtheBADGER09:22

    The Russians play hardball, as one should with pirates. I won't lose any sleep over this.

  4. Byron09:39

    This works better when pirates go out, then disappear. Bravo for the Russian Navy, but I still say the way to stop it is to put a 12 mile cordon off shore, stop ever boat leaving the beach, search it, and any boat with more than a shark gun gets sunk and the boys in it a ride to the breakers and a swim back to the beach. They'll run out of boats or desire one, and it don't matter which. That, or find a deserted island and dump all the captured pirates on it.

  5. LT B12:49

    Too much coastline to guard.  Easier to bait and kill. 

  6. Old NFO12:50

    Recent news reports are that suspected pirates captured by the Russians are disappearing.  Gee, that's too bad.  On the other hand, I'd not be surprised if the ones we capture get trials in Manhattan. 

  7. Byron13:32

    Lt. B: three amphibs; helos; small uav's backed by Hawks. You don't have to cover the whole coastline. Do it in hundred mile sectors for a week. Nail a couple dozen, move to random sector. Capture; Sink, make 'em swim the last hundred yards. Paint a sign on their backs: "I WAS PWNED BY THE USMC"

  8. UltimaRatioRegis14:03

    Note how many hands go up when he calls out "Pakistan".  So perhaps we will be smart enough to cut out the "poor Somali trying to make a living for his village" and "no proof of AQ link" stupidity.  Al Shabaab is a proxy for AQ.  How do we know?  Both have said so.  I don't recall too many Pakistani fishing villages on the Somali coastline. 

    Kill them in droves. Only message.  Too dangerous to be worth the effort.  Otherwise, consider yourself condoning piracy.  And that which you condone, you will have more of.

    If the naive do-gooders protest that they should be brought to the US for trial, we ship those protesters to Somalia for a good long stay.

  9. MR T's Haircut14:42

    I am good with it.  We should do the same.  Civility should only matter when the enemy shares the same civility.   in other words, play at the level at the competition..

    Like Sherman said on his march Atlanta to Midgeville and beyond.. "War is Hell"


  10. ewok40k15:25

    and lots of real LCS - Landing Crafts can really do the job, Dutch are doing this already
    plus storm every captured merchantman back, making sure those who will try to harm hostages wont live to regret it

  11. Salty Gator20:46

    Nice to see Ivan doing what he does best:  being a vicious bastard!  Agree totally with the death cards.  Have heard that kicked around by folks who haven't had the O-10 castration.