Saturday, May 01, 2010

PLAN SALAMANDER on helmet-cam

Remember out post on the Dutch Marines taking down pirates earlier this month? Well, here is the helmet-cam. And no, Dutch is not a sexy language.

YNSN, URR; feel free to turn green.

Hat tip Uncle Jimbo @ B5.


  1. Outlaw Mike17:02

    <span>'And no, Dutch is not a sexy language.'</span>
    <span>Whadda ya mean by THAT huh? RACIST!!!!!</span>
    <span>Apart from that, kudos to my northern neighbors. Well done.</span>

  2. Outlaw Mike17:05

    Just remember...

    ... of the planet's 6,000 languages, no other language resembles English so much as Dutch/Flemish.

    Similarly, of the planet's 6,000 languages, no other language resembles German so much as Dutch/Flemish.

    Dutch/Flemish essentially fulfills a bridge function between English and German.

  3. UltimaRatioRegis20:25

    Pretty good living aboard that merchantman.  Beats JO stateroom on a gator freighter. 

    Hey, how come all the words at the beginning were misspelled? :-D

  4. John21:32

    Hey, they forgot to take about 10 fathoms of 21 thread with them.  They could and SHOULD have finished the mission right there.

    No quarter for pirates!  EVER!

  5. C-dore 1421:34

    URR, That stateroom looked almost as large as the CO's cabin on an AEGIS CG.

  6. C-dore 1421:37

    This is why I really liked having a Dutch ship in the screen.  ABC News ran clips of this tonight.  I especially liked the one where they were dragging the pirate around while (I'm sure) he was yelling about how much he loved Holland, Dutch chocolate, etc.  They also showed a bit of the awards ceremony when HRNLMS TROMP returned home.

  7. DeltaBravo23:54

    Anyone who has read the Canterbury Tales in the original Middle English can attest to that!  ;)

  8. ex-Fleet LT00:23

    Nice technique, good cover and movement discipline. However, what is their ROE? They were definitely firing towards the pilothouse upon landing and it didn't look like they were receiving fire. Were there any friendlies aboard? Tactics very similar to our NC-VBSS (excepting fast rope...). Would like to see our sailors reducing piracy in similar ways!

  9. C-dore 1401:47

    The ABC broadcast had a clip of people aboard TROMP firing a machine gun, apparently at the hijacked ship.

  10. ewok40k02:04

    And add to this they started using real LCS in pirate hunting...

  11. YNSN12:21

    Invest the time and money... Make our VBSS teams H-VBSS.  We're already 70% of the way there.


    If the Navy can afford to spare me to write awards for the Army.  They can spare me to go with the Dutch and do what Sailors need to do.  I'd much rather be there, making a difference.

  12. YNSN13:25

    Yeah, and you might as well call me Gumby right now... ;)

  13. Spade07:58

    IIRC, there were friendlies, but TROMP had already gotten word they they had locked themselves somewhere safe.

  14. ewok40k15:11

    Latest pirate news: Russians got serious, 1 pirate dead, 10 flown to Moscow for trial... guess Siberian prison camps are not as comfy as EU prisons...