Monday, May 03, 2010


FL GOP Chairman John Thrasher (what a great name for a politician) has put one of the two original, official portrait of Gov. Charlie Crist (C-FL) for sale on Ebay with the tagline, "
Help the Republican Party of FL Get Our Money Back!"

You've got until 10 May. 45 bids so far and almost at $1,000 bucks. The description though, it priceless. You need to read it all, but here is a taste.
Canvas is naturally sensitive to changes of temperature and humidity, just as the Charlie Crist’s political convictions are subject to fluctuations in poll numbers.
THAT is how you play it right.

Hat tip TheCorner.


  1. Robbo17:53

    I had a 6'5" Marine in my battery named Thrasher. Don't know what happened to him, would have been a great name for  DI

  2. I'm waitin' on the "Crying Velvet Elvis". It will have more depth and character.

  3. Byron19:58

    Damn, to have the coin to spend in that auction...would make for a nice fire, even a BBQ, would already taste like pork :)

  4. Anonymous21:31

    thx rfor you sharing~~learn it by heart ........................................

  5. MR T's Haircut08:07

    He was doomed when Connie Mack bailed on him. 

  6. Anon08:31

    I would rather have someone stick to his ideals and change parties rather than bow to the wackjobs on the right and proclaim, "I was never a Maverick!"

  7. cdrsalamander08:41

    What are those ideals?  All of Florida wants to know.  

  8. Byron09:06

    This Floridian of 46 years would like to tell you that you don't have a clue. Since I don't feel generous today, I won't sell you one. Maybe one of your Dkos friends will let you borrow one. Charlie Crist is the worst governor this State has ever had. Since I'm used to the likes of Reuben Askew and Jeb Bush, both of whom were outstanding governors, I have cause to measure Crist and call him for the weather vane that he is.

  9. DeltaBravo09:32

    weather vane.  Love it!

  10. Grumpy Old Ham09:59

    <span>I predict that might be one of the most expensive targets found at any range this year.</span>

    BTW -- MTH and Bryon -- I blew through your part of the world this past weekend on a whirlwind trip to Tallahassee.  I know this place is crawling with Gators, but this old man is proud of his new Seminole alumnus -- and one of the Army's newest 2LT's.

  11. Byron10:14

    You'd be about Midway tween us then. Please tell the new 'Nole that I extend my deepest sympathies for the upcoming SEC football season :)

  12. Byron12:37

    Less than 1 day, and bidding is now at $6000. Should make a helluva bonfire starter. Wonder if Marco Rubio is bidding? ;)

  13. MR T's Haircut13:05


    Even old Walkin Lawton was better than Crist.. at least Chiles was outta the Closet.


    You are an Idiot...

  14. MR T's Haircut13:06


    you would have been bewtween us.  Byron is on the First Coast and I am on the Emerald Oil... Coast.

  15. jscam8709:51

    I didn't have a mojor problem with Crist and could understand some of his actions, even when I didn't agree with them (embracing the President, taking the money), but his complete reversal on oil drilling is a simple play on emotion (unless he REALLY believed an accident was not possible- in which case I can't support anyone that stupid).
      The supporting script for the e-bay sale is bordering on brilliant.  A bit more of that effort and the GOP can expect large gains...

  16. Grumpy Old Ham22:24

    Crist must have whined loudly enough to his SanFran liberal buddies that run eBay to kill the auction:

    "This listing (150440082471) has been removed, or this item is not available."

    as of 2200EDT 5 May 2010.

    Maybe Craigslist is a little more forgiving...