Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bing West and The Strongest Tribe

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Time to order another book, The Strongest Tribe. I agree with the theme he broadly outlines because it is what I have seen up close; the fault with the stuttering start in Iraq is with those of us in uniform at the highest levels. Sure, we share some blame with our civilian masters -- but they aren't the ones who are supposed to see, call, and act on a Line of Operation gone awry with insurgency unexpected.

Not all the credit goes just to the lower levels though - it took Gen. Petraeus to see it, and President Bush to push it. Remember the headwind? CBS will never say it, but a lesser President would have hid behind Baker Hamilton. We now have something trending towards an acceptable victory. Sen. Kerry (D-MA), would he have got us here?

Full stop.

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