Monday, February 06, 2012

I knew we should have burned the body ....

... and to make it worse, my official USN officer's sword has a dull blade. Who made the call that our swords have a dull blade? Can you even sharpen that thing?


  1. Salty Gator09:22

    I'm this about killing bin Laden or taking your shirt off and getting it on in an active war zone?

  2. UltimaRatioRegis09:29

    Can't it be about both?  Yeesh. 

  3. Brendan Doran10:48

    Who dulled your swords? 


  4. ewok40k11:07

    <p>In the U.S. Marine Corps every officer must own a sword, which are prescribed for formal parades and other ceremonies where dress uniforms are worn and the rank-and-file are under arms. On these occasions depending on their billet, Marine Staff Non-Commissioned Officers (E-6 and above) may also be required to carry swords, which have hilts of a pattern similar to U.S. Naval officers' swords but are actually sabres. The USMC Model 1859 NCO Sword is the longest continuously-issued edged weapon in the U.S. inventory
    </p><p>The Marine officer swords are of the Mameluke pattern which was adopted in 1825 in recognition of the Marines' key role in the capture of the Tripolitan city of Dernaduring the First Barbary War.<sup></sup>[64] Taken out of issue for approximately 20 years from 1855 go 1875, it was restored to service in the year of the Corps' centennial and has remained in issue since.
    </p><p>I bet Marines have not dulled thier swords...</p>

  5. 11B4012:33


    As a wise Platoon Sergeant once told me, "Head shots are the best shoots."

  6. ewok40k13:22

    hmmm charging suicide bomber presents similar target to zombie - he wont bite but let him get to close and he will explode in your  face, he is so high on adrenaline and possibly stimulants that he feels no pain, and headshot is your best option...

  7. LT Rusty15:03

    Hey, my sword could probably take a good edge.  It's not one of the ones from the NEX, though - I paid the extra to get one with actual sword-quality steel, and according to the sales info it's a full-tang blade, ready for an edge.

    That said, in a zombie environment, if we're looking at melee combat, I'm reaching for the M1891/30 with bayonet.  You can reach out and touch someone in the next county with that thing, with or without ammunition.

  8. ewok40k15:27

    but it is a thrusting weapon while we re looking for a slashing for decapitation... surprisingly there is cheap and easy to procure one in the form of farming scythe, with blade turned 90 deg  to follow haft, used in no less than 3 uprisings  by Poles agaisnt Russia...

  9. Grandpa Bluewater15:46

    Two step process.

    1. Get villain.
    2. Get girl.

    I know, I'm a traditionalist.

  10. Grandpa Bluewater15:49

    I would prefer a cutlass in any case. Although a bolo will do in a pinch.

  11. LT Rusty15:54

    Polearms are nice, yeah, but I'd still take tbe 91/30.  With the bayonet it's got the reach of a halberd, and if you stick 'em through the forehead, you'll hold the zombie in place for the decapitation by fireball.  I mean, seriously, forget the damage from the 7.62x54R ... have you ever seen a Mosin-Nagant fireball?!?!?!

  12. C-dore 1415:58

    I thought LT Collins used his naval officer's sword effectively  ;)

  13. Mike M.16:05

    Being Civil Service Scum, I have a wider choice in arms.  Like  :)

  14. Al L.16:26

    I'd go more high tech on the scythe idea.

  15. OutlawMike16:46

    Sunday funnies? But it's a Monday?

  16. ewok40k18:38

    anti-heroic take:
    1.liberate the princess
    2.marry the dragon
    3. and most importantly , save the treasure!

  17. steeljawscribe20:38

    So Ewok - are you saying #2 is a natural progression from #1 (prncess ---> dragon)?
    w/r, SJS

  18. Casey Tompkins20:59

    Ah. The original claidheamh mòr. A ver' pretty example.

  19. ewok40k02:48

    No, but the dragon is usually less prone to bitching bouts, wont need to be carried around every puddle of water, and when in need you can have the final say with "I have a dragon here and I am not afraid  to use it!" Generally Dragons > Princesses imho.