Monday, January 30, 2012

You did check the bridge clearance, right?

Rocket parts: check.
Fishing plans: check.
DVR programmed: check.
Hmmmm .... what else ...

Full story here.

Before everyone laughs about tricky rivers ... all those who remember Naval Base Charleston raise your hand!


  1. James23:54

    Yep was all over the news here. Aparently there is no easier way around and the only other bridge is underconstruction.

  2. maogwai cat06:23

    I keep hoping for that to happen to the Shands Bridge. (With no injuries, of course!) Air draft can be very important, that's why air draft is listed on the charts... oh wait. Everybody uses a chart plotter now, hmmm.

  3. cdrsalamander07:23

    .... now both of them are ...

  4. Remember Charleston?

    Always a fun nav detail...

    Must say that we were contenders for the Bowditch Award several times over (but I think it was rigged for the boomers!)

    This ship regularly transits those rivers, so you have to wonder what happened.

  5. Grandpa Bluewater09:08

    Oh my gracious yes.  The St Marys River and the Cumberland Sound up to King's Bay was fun in the day, too.

    More than fun in the night. In a rainstorm.

  6. CAPT JAP RET (deceased?)11:14

    I can hear the bridge conversation now. "Is that bridge height in meters, feet or fathoms?"

  7. Casey Tompkins16:35

    Favorite quote from the story: "Meanwhile, officials on land will perform an immediate review of options to restore the bridge, Beshear said."

    The tenor of our times; local leaders will leap in to action ... and review options.

    Here's a wild, crazy thought; howsabout we replace the span ASAMFP?

  8. LT Rusty16:50

    Hm.  If the QM's had just given the MIDN the mast crank in the first place instead of sending him to CCS, who sent him to the chain locker, who sent him to radio, who sent him to ...

  9. James17:33

    The problem is the bridge is over 80yrs old so replacing it is the question. I figure they will probably just step up construction on the new one.

  10. James17:35

    I believe it was rain. The bridge apparently had no lights on and it has been raining here sense basicly Nov. High waters, low bridge, night, no lights= problems.

  11. Navig8r16:05

    Let's see... Was that height from mean high tide, or mean higher high tide, or mean spring tide, I always forget. Doh!