Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Hat tip Allah.


  1. James16:39

    These here muslim people really do like star wars alot. I mean its a good movie but admiral akbar wasn't my favorite character.

  2. MR T's Haircut16:41

    "Well... bye.." - Curly Bill

  3. Adversus Omnes Dissident16:43

    Still a goat f$ck of a mission.

  4. Will S16:43

    Alpha Mike Foxtrot.

  5. Adversus Omnes Dissident16:44

    Still a goat f$ck of a mission.

  6. Will S16:45

    “Mos Eisley spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

  7. Adversus Omnes Dissident16:50

    the religion of peace and kindness is once again shown in its full mercy.

    We just keep serving up red meat to these people and yet, they still don't like us. 


    Maybe we will learn and start operating in our own interests.  Pop quiz:  we are better or worse off with Gadaffi, Mubarak out of power?

  8. LT B16:55

    They consistently act like freaking animals.  As one of my first class petty officers said, "Sir, we can drill through glass." 

  9. walker_7716:56

    a more wretched hive of scum and villainy?.. try the current US Congress *DONT_KNOW*

  10. Outlaw Mike17:24

    Good riddance.

    Now, let's hope that his successors have at least just sufficient gray cells to understand that we can bomb them into oblivion just as well. Like I said before, arab spring my a55.

  11. cheapirish17:30

    Bet he's taking a worse <span>pummeling</span> now from the passengers of Pan Am 103.  Good riddance.

    Listening to the Al Jazeera coverage this a.m. I was rather alarmed to hear that he has about 20,000 surface to air missles that are somewhere floating around.  I hope that NATO can round those up with the vigor that they prosecuted the air campaign.

  12. Surfcaster18:21

    I think they are inline behind the guys from La Belle

  13. ewok40k18:45

    20.000? someone must have been high, as the numbers are... Soviets made a lot of MANPADS, but I am willing to bet Libya got no more than few hundreds launchers. Still reason to worry, but more of them have been floating around after all the wars in the Middle East.
    And re:man himself, I hope there is a place in hell reserved for the dictators like him. Dante has written something along these lines...

  14. James19:02

    Yes but the Europeans, Chinese, US and Russia were also selling him arms...which was pretty much the thing he really bought.

  15. Surfcaster21:17

    The news has been pretty consitent reporting a 20,000 number. How many of what version and in what shape is up in the air but the 20K number is what has been the quote.

  16. Was involved in Carter's "secret" (why do the Dems so live "secret" wars-quite oxymoronic concept...) sanctioned sorties into Sidra in the late '70s...

    And then was there for the "lets f-ck with em and make it sno secret-  stance of Reagan in August '81.

    Glad this chapter is over.

    But somehow, when the pretty blond on Fox was saying with some heartfelt relief that the "war is over" earlier today, I had the sinking feeling that its just about to enter a more intractable...and likely bloodier....phase for the northern littoral of Africa.

  17. tell me something guys:

    if the man pads, small missiles, etc. etc. etc. are so bad especialy in such large numbers quoted here there and elswhere, Why is it that any US air craft dares to fly in towelhead land. it seems as though with all of thos liddle missississiles at hand all of our aircraft would be large smoking piles at the incomming and departing ends of the runways, and fertilizing every village, field and valley with their wreckage. so much so that the bubble heads would not take maintainence people out to those godforsaken places????

    please show me the way as i am only an old anchorclanker from the beaches of montana fifty years ago and do not understand these basic questions and truths.


  18. Grandpa Bluewater23:32

    We aren't free of this tar baby yet. Not hardly.  The unintended consequences are just starting to germinate.

  19. Anonymous00:44

    Perhaps the most important question is where are the 144 tonnes of gold that the tyrant had. Hopefully it is in our hands.

  20. SCOTTtheBADGER01:16

    I take an Eeyoreian position on the MidEast and Arab Africa.  " Why bother, it's just gonna get worse".

  21. ewok40k03:34

    Well, there is a great deal of difference between combat arcraft defended with ECM at height of few miles and commercial airliner landing at airport... Still, so far no big hit using MANPADS occured. How much of this can be attributed to intelligence and law enforcement effort, we can only guess. Also, remeber, that missiles after few years withut proper (read:Russian provided) maintenance will decay and become unusable (which is one of reasons US-provided in 1980s Stingers didnt make a dent in US forces in AFG).

  22. Andy06:31

    Sid, methinks we were in the same place at the same time in the late 70's "pre-Line-of-Death" little get togethers in the Gulf of Sidra. I was flying VQ recce ops off the Sixth Fleet carriers. I especially remember Nimitz, but IIRC America and Ike also went there more shoots.

  23. Grumpy Old Ham07:48

    <span><span>The unintended consequences are just starting to germinate.</span>  
    How's that?  You mean the Foggy Bottom amateur-hour crowd doesn't have an existing plan that would </span><span>at least </span><span>try to prevent (another) failed state from forming on the African continent?  Say it ain't so!</span>

  24. MR T's Haircut08:44

    All together Chitlens, can we say "CALIPHATE"?

  25. Wouldn't be surprised if your were a bit of SIF PIF (and hopefully) a bit of Mode IV in my universe Andy... 8-)

  26. But at least we had Palma!! O:-)

  27. James16:55

    Yea its not the combat aircraft they are really worried about though they are a threat. But the airliners.

  28. Grandpa Bluewater17:42

    Actually, I mean what I said. Bucking the trend, and the current - as usual.

  29. Grandpa Bluewater17:46

    So go to the polls and press the lever marked "Flush" (the incumbents, that is).

  30. Douglas Stanley Jr.21:49

    This, a thousand times, Grandpa. NATO may well have just helped an Islamist regime into power. Out of the frying pan...

  31. UltimaRatioRegis21:59

    Why is it that the US foreign policy cabal always seems to invoke images of Pee Wee Herman whenever their pet projects blow up in their faces?

  32. SCOTTtheBADGER22:55

    We probably will have to.  Do those people in State ever think? 

  33. "our" hands?  You mean Goldman Sachs' hands...Obama hands...MoveOn.Org hands.  I guaran-damn-tee you that it won't go towards building a 6oo ship navy.

  34. Apparently the Quods Force from Iran showed up and already snaked them all, got them out of the region via Sudan and Syria.

    Just what we need.........

  35. James23:32

    So lets see.

    Iraq about to descend into a civil war with the Sunni's backed by the arabs and the Shites backed by Iran. Good possibility the Iranians may be drawn into a war with saudi arabia and others. Very likely that tripoli is going to become a mediterainian afghanistain. Egypt goes into a civil war more than likely Turkey goes to war with either israel or northern iraq meaning a new contestant to the frey unless they join iran.

    OK so MAYBE Jordan and israel can remain at peace.

    Damn, shows ya what happens when you have a person who cant or is unwilling to show strength to some folks.

  36. AW1 Tim00:59

    I got nothin'.......

    I'm glad he's dead.

    I wish we had somneone in the White House with at least 2 functioning brain cells.

    I'm apprehensive about this next presidential election.

    I'm thinking that Charles Martel and Roland are cursing us from heaven's stoop.

  37. ewok40k03:45

    Check latest info, Turkey already invaded unofficial Kurdistan in northern Iraq... Iraq is shaping as a battlefield between Iran and Turkey, both aspiring to ride new wave of masses anger in the arabic world. As for Egypt, all bets are off, with my take is 50% on military keeping the control after all, 40% on Islamic revolustion by I.Bros. (TM) and 10% on emerging secular democracy, Turkey style. Oh and Saudis just lost a crown prince adding dynastic problems to their headaches...

  38. Grandpa Bluewater08:50

    Doug:  Nyeh...It's a possibility, Doc.

  39. Latent Infantry NCO14:30

    {ME power struggle/Med destabilization/caliphate/DoS foreign policy yada yada}.

    I'm thoughtfully nodding my head while you guys have this lofty discussion but the non-strategic corporal side of me is wondering if that big, stainless,  N-frame Smith snubbie in the first video is the heater that delivered the coup de grace to that bastard. Poetic justice for Lockerbie that would be.

    I'll let the big people talk again now. I'll hang on to this faint smirk while you do.

  40. UltimaRatioRegis14:53

    Say Caliphate?  Why yes, yes we can.