Friday, October 14, 2011

Please come to IMAX

Full background here.


  1. James21:19

    badass. And a ad for BF3 at the end? 6-12.

  2. Talked with a SEAL O-6 in my shop about this.  He approves.  Hard to come by his approval.  Says a lot.

  3. Chris G.22:15

    Thw WSJ wrote this up as well. It'll be a great Netflix rental!

  4. ewok40k04:04

    Gotta go with my rl friends who take interest in the matters!

  5. LT B08:37

    I had seen the WSJ article when it was posted in comments over at Lex's in August. I have been waiting for the release date. I think it will be good. I have not asked around at work yet to see if any of the operators have seen it early.

  6. James08:53

    ......Well........found me another drunk post.........

    Excuse me while i go die a little and drink some water.

  7. Kristen15:13

    Wow!  This looks awesome.  Been waiting forever for Hollywood to make a good movie about this war.  We'll definitely be getting a babysitter and having a date night when this comes out.

  8. Surfcaster15:32

    Ha! Will need to see it and verify if it is safe for kid (probably not but won't be first time I need to unbrainwash him).

  9. Kristen19:15

    Thanks so much for the link.  That's a very interesting article.

  10. Kristen19:17

    My kids are pretty little.  It's going to nice to see something that's not animated for a change.  :)

  11. Anonymous14:36

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