Thursday, September 15, 2011

Diversity Thursday

I ping on the CNO's projective issues with race on a regular basis. Some people have significant issues with my doing that, but so be it. He personalized it, not me.

On Tuesday, the CNO spoke at an Aspen Institute lunch at Dupont Circle (never know who will be in a crowd).

Anyway, it is helpful to hear him speak on the subject to understand how such a smart and talented public servant, who by all measure is a good man, became so lost in the fever swamps of the Diversity Cult.
"The other thing [that concerns me] is, I really do believe that there are whole communities within our country where young people have no idea about the opportunities and benefits of the military, and that's one of the reasons why we, over the past few years, have really gone out and worked very hard to reach into underrepresented communities, largely minority communities. When I go to an eye-watering school in Dallas-Fort Worth . . . it's just extraordinary: The young woman that was taking me around I thought was a member of the faculty because her knowledge, her passion and her poise -- she was a junior in high school. And she asked me the question: Can I be an engineer in the navy? We thrive by engineers in the Navy, and yet there are whole groups of people who have no idea what the opportunities are, so we've been very aggressive. I'm pleased that this year, we have the most diverse naval academy class and ROTC class in the history of the navy, at 35 and 40 percent."
Words mean things. This is a personal and emotional thing with the CNO, it is obvious. The bad think is that in working through his issues, he is doing it on the backs of young men and women who were born during the Clinton Administration. He is bringing in his Baby Boomer mid-20th century racial guilt in to the 2nd decade of the 21st Century. He is promoting division and sectarianism while encouraging a socio-political agenda based on Cultural Marxist theory. Look it up.

Look at the Diversity Bullies' home - this has nothing to do with reaching out to communities that don't understand the Navy. Is he in rural Vermont? Spending a lot of time in Salt Lake City? Omaha? Kiryas Joel? Appalachia? Of course not. They are not of his approved hue that allow him his paternalistic role he set for himself.

This is all about the CNO's collection of his favorite ethnic groups that he prefers over others. That is not easy to write - but by his actions and words he shows it to be true.

Never in human history has a nation survived and prospered that encouraged preferential sectarianism. Unequal treatment on the basis of race, creed, color or national origin is an anathema to a free society founded on meritocratic principals.

What is behind those narcissistic Potemkin numbers? Again, in my own family we have white, American Indian, and Hispanic. We all have the same genes, but ....

We have documented here on multiple occasions racial self-identification poseurism reaching well in to the ranks of our Flag Officers and elsewhere. Why does that exist? Simple - led by the CNO - we actively discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, or national origin in the Navy by actions of commission and omission.

The CNO finds a child in urban Houston of more value than one from West Virginia coal country for one reason; race. Grab your dictionary to define that behavior.

You can catch the full 70 minutes below if you wish. The meat is from the 18-minute mark. It is actually sad to watch. I would pity him if by his actions he did not support a cancer to a free society; sectarianism. In that case, it isn't pity I feel. Closer to disgust.

Via the Salamander Underground; INFO OPS monitoring division.


  1. Outlaw Mike06:58

    Admiral Softhead is a fruitcake, and I suspect that behind that jolly cheerful facade a very nasty, evil personality is lurking.

    When that IDIOT, who is both a shame and a danger for the United States Navy is GONE, you will hear a sign of relief from me.

  2. DeltaBravo09:18

    What???  I thought they just wanted to live their lives like everyone else....   You mean... it's now going to be IN YOUR FACE AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO SHUT UP ABOUT THE LOVE THAT DARES NOT SPEAK ITS NAME!  It's gonna be front page all the time.  What a surprise...

  3. UltimaRatioRegis09:38

    Diversity will make us stronger.  Just like the flimsy, overpriced aluminum tubs that pass as "21st Century warships".  And the spineless senior officers whose entire raison d'etre is to kiss political a** and work their next promotion/assignment.

    Maybe Mike Mullen and Gary Roughead can go to the ball together.  Since they both think so much of the idea.  "Oh, Mike, you do look so dashing in your khaki uniform!"

  4. cdrsalamander09:57


    You and LT B should go as dates to the USMC birthday ball.  You would be the most Butch couple there.

    Wait .... we aren't thinking inclusively enough.  You should go as the date of LT B and Mrs. LT B.  You could bill yourself as the first chaste polyamorist couple.  To add a little twist - as LT B would be the only Navy guy, you could state that he is the "wife" and you and Mrs. LT B were the "husbands."  

    An affinity group of one! (or three, depending ... ). If they ask too many questions, just call them close minded, judgemental, hetro/homocentric haters.

    I know .. I know.  I supported DADT appeal; that doesn't mean I can't have fun with it.

  5. hundycougar10:04

    I thought the whole point of an achievment based organization such as the military was not the color of one's skin - you come in and you're not white or black or yellow or red anymore... you are Navy Gray!!! or whatever color those stupid navy camos are - it's the big green machine in the army... or even the long gray line for the officers... of course the military tends to be reflective of the country... and we no longer value people achievements, but rather what they were thinking of when they tried to do it... 

  6. UltimaRatioRegis10:06

    "Navy Gray"?  Perhaps without the "r"?

  7. UltimaRatioRegis10:07

    No, no, no.  C'mon Phib! 

    The guy's name is ROUGH HEAD.  If he shouldn't go to the ball with another dude, nobody should!

  8. virgil xenophon11:06

    We laff, but it all just makes me want to throw up. John Paul Jones, Lawrence, Perry and Faraggut must be turing in their graves. Sickening enough to make even the proverbial MAD Magazine Jackal wretch..

  9. LT B11:09

    I'm carrying a handgun in my dress uniform, damn it!  BUTCH!

  10. The man is a menace.

  11. Casey Tompkins20:36

    DB, please don't ascribe belief or motivation to an entire group of people based on a silly magazine article title. Of course they're going to come up with something sensational. Sex sells, as does scandal.

    Aside from places like Berkely -by definition Ground Zero of Crazy World- most gay folks are just that; they folks who want to get on with their lives.

  12. UltimaRatioRegis20:55


    The problem comes when the loudest and most sensational (and most radical) "representative" group becomes the voice for the entire populace subgroup. 

    Wanna know how a black man feels?  NAACP/CBC/Jesse and Al/Any rap musician.  I am sure Larry Elder and Herman Cain and Allan West are thrilled.

    Women?  NOW.  Code PINK.  Hillary Clinton.  Nancy Pelosi.  Patsy Schroeder.  Rachel Maddow.  Any number of militant feminist Hollywood types.  Which also must thrill Sarah Palin and Laura Bush and Laura Ingraham.

    Gays?  The more flamboyant and ostentatious, the louder they are, the more they speak for you.  People just want to "get on with their lives"?  The tell these advocates and activists to stop yelling, "We're HERE, we're QUEER, get used to it!" every time they see a TV camera.  Good luck with that.

  13. DM0521:39

    Where does the white male apply buddy? Too much PC, inside the beltway, agenda driven malice. Please, retire now!!

  14. UltimaRatioRegis22:33

    Coming to an indoctrination camp, er, Public School near you....

  15. Naval_Historian09:05

    Interesting thought that has been on my mind for years: In major joint billets like CNO/ JCS membership, why isn't there rotation between communities? ADM Roughead is a SWO, ADM Greenert is a Submariner. The next CNO should be an Aviator, preferably from a tactical platform with successful tours as CAG, CO of a carrier and COMCARGRU under his/her belt. The next JCS rep should probably be an Aviator, too; Naval Aviation has been in the "doghouse" for far too long. Now there's a diversity goal that far as I know has never even been considered.