Saturday, March 27, 2010

Iraq says, "Thanks"

One government about to hand over power to another party in a relatively peaceful manner and based on the rule of law. That is one way of saying thank you.
The leader of the secular alliance that narrowly won Iraq's parliamentary election has offered to work with all parties to form a coalition government.

Iyad Allawi said his Iraqiya bloc would start by talking with the rival State of Law alliance of Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, which it beat by two seats.

Mr Maliki has refused to accept the result and said he would challenge the count through the courts.
Both the UN and US envoys to Iraq have said the 7 March poll was credible.
OK - not smooth, but that's OK. A democracy as messy as ours.

I'll take it.


  1. Grumpy Old Ham18:22

    <span>Mr Maliki has refused to accept the result and said he would challenge the count through the courts.</span>

    You have learned well, Grasshopper...

  2. LT B18:40

    It turned out the senior citizens in Sadr City had a BUNCH of hanging chads! 

  3. C-dore 1418:42

    I'm currently in the "wait and see" mode.

  4. Outlaw Mike20:36

    Me too. Iraq's christians are getting slaughtered. Their rightful representation in the Iraqi parliament is denied to them.

    Let's give them ten years to see whether they can produce a state halfway decent and if not...

  5. cdrsalamander21:26

    That is - ahem - a brave statement coming from a Belgian   ;)  

    Going sinker......

  6. DeltaBravo21:37

    My laugh out loud moment of the day, GOH.  Thanks.

  7. ewok40k06:42

    Well, barring some ctastrophic meltdown we can use the troops freed to help in the AFG.
    Unfortunately Iran nuke program makes things haphazard at best.

  8. UltimaRatioRegis07:25


    The way you have "Sunday Finnies" positioned, if you scroll the screen just right, it gives the appearance that the Iraqis said "thanks" with a gift of a mount-out box full of porn.  My very first pre-coffee thought on the matter was "Gee, that was damned thoughtful of them!" ;)

  9. Kristen14:14

    I'm holding my breath, crossing my fingers and mumbling prayers.  If there is really a peaceful transition to a different party, the sacrifice of the fallen will not have been in vain.  The sacrifice of the service wives whose husbands' weren't present for childbirth or Christmases or anniversaries won't have been in vain.  All of the effort and treasure and political roiling in this nation will have been well worth it if we have actually established a democratic state in the heart of the Middle East. 

    Oh please God, make it so, for the sake of all the sacrifice.