Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Dr. was in ....

If you missed Midrats today - you missed must-listen blogtalkradio.

After the initial panel discussion, we are joined by prolific author and Naval strategist,
Dr. Norman Friedman.

We touch on the direction our Navy should be going, the maritime strategy, LCS, and his latest book, British Destroyers: From Earliest Days to the Second World War.

You really owe it to yourself to give it a listen. You can hear it archived at the Midrats Episode page - of if you want to make sure you never miss a Midrats - you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

You won't go away hungry for anything but more Dr. Friedman.

Don't forget next week either - Episode 12 will be on China with guests Don Henry and James Kraska.


  1. Capo del Fuoco21:56

    Cdr, That was an outstanding show...the best yet!  Dr. Friedman's perspective is valuable and validating. To hear Eagle 1 , Galrahn and yourself was that much the better. Thank you for doing this!

  2. ewok40k02:31

    Oh well, LCS blues aside very good insights on global maritime policy. The Coast Guard remarks caught my ear, Coasties are your friendly local cop, CSG is the SWAT team. If you don't want to scare people you send the Coast Guard in friendly fashion. And Brits having to deal with global sea policing when they have been dominant naval power is useful lesson for those who want to research it. Always not enough escorts...

  3. xformed07:51

    Nary a peep over at Lex's place on this link:  China's Stealth Secret Fighters".  Maybe something to add to the open ocean fleet that's growing and the ACVBMs being built, not to mention the ASAT capabilily already demonstrated.

  4. ewok40k09:12

    Well,  can someone confirm those all "Chinese stealth aircraft" drawings are not just a product of someones imagination? Russians have much more advanced aircraft industry and didnt even demonstrated working stealth aircraft.

  5. Damn... Sorry I missed this one.

  6. Byron11:23

    Sid, practically the first words out of Dr. Friedmans mouth when Phib asked him his opinion of LCS was, "Why does it have to be this fast?". Dude, if you'd been listening, you'd have been jumping up and down in the  chair :)

  7. Just finished listening to it....

    My favorite line was, "We are supposed to be adults," when he was talking about the USN's teenager-in-heat fascination with the Really Cool Things the LCS can purportedly do.

    All that rooster tail is telling me is how the USN is pissing away our tax dollars...And its future... on silly things that don't matter.

  8. Oh, and Byron, whaddyah think would happen to those net frames if they got slapped by a cresting wave?

  9. Byron12:44

    I've seen the nets close put my hand on them. They aren't much different that an FFGs. Only substantial difference is the method of keeping them locked down in place while a helo is on the deck and the things are whipping around making a wee little vortex. Think, "revolutionary".

  10. UltimaRatioRegis14:23

    "It seems as if we are rediscovering our own history..."

    Excellent comment.  And the root of most of the other military and FP issues.

  11. And now that I've heard someone authoritative bring up the "S" word, and how the Little Crappy Ship is negatively impacted by compromises to achieve the very high speed...Maybe I can cut back on my meds some.

    But then again... Mebbie not =-O

  12. UltimaRatioRegis15:52


    Great show.  Listened today.  I reiterate, I wanna be Norman Friedman when I grow up.

  13. Anthony Mirvish00:29

    First Midrats I've listened to; really great stuff; CDR, you also have a good radio voice.  Norman Friedman always amazes me with both the quality and quantity of his work.