Friday, July 11, 2014

Fullbore Friday

How do we best honor the memory of those who have, by their actions, set the example for those who follow?

We can remember their names and the deeds of their Shipmates and the ships they sailed on. While their acts speak for themselves, one can easily forget the very real people they were.

When you see their face, not in a rigid pose or official photo, but their face as their friends knew them - it adds depth and context to the people who made our history.

So much as been lost or never captured, that those rare collections are of a value difficult to measure. One thing you can measure however, is the cost it takes in the very real world to ensure that those how follow us have an opportunity to look at those examples themselves.

It takes effort by every generation to ensure the legacy remains for the next.

Please take a moment to see the below about the rare photos from the USS Indianapolis and WWII, and the effort to preserve the collection of Alfred Joseph Sedivi, the ship's photographer.

You can be part of this effort, the details of the USNI kickstarter is here.

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