Monday, March 29, 2010

Rubio v. Crist

Confirms my instincts from this summer.

Christ wanted to play smear. Rubio wanted to talk about issues. Wallace did a good job.


  1. LT B07:43

    I watched it Sunday.  I like Wallace's Sunday show and the panel associated with it.  He is direct and doesn't let them play around.  I noticed the attempt to smear.  We shall see. 

  2. JimmyMac08:55

    Ladies and Gentlemen....please, a healthy dose of reality.  If you are one of those citizens who don't like "negaitve campaigns", who want the candidates to talk to the issues, who deamnd a candidate clearly lay out his or her plan to solve problems you think are improtant, welcome to the very small minority of Americans.  Why do you think candidates "go negative"?  Because it's fun? Because is't easy?  Because they can't clearly articulate their positions and ideas?  NO!  Because negative campaings WORK!  Because the majority of Americans want to sit at home and watch "reality TV" rather than live their own lives and think for themselves.  Please...Candidates "go negative" because that gets votes! 

  3. Anonymous09:16

    I could only watch part of it. I just can't stomach listening to Crist. Looking forward to pulling the lever for Rubio.

  4. sobersubmrnr09:16

    <span>I could only watch part of it. I just can't stomach listening to Crist. Looking forward to pulling the lever for Rubio.</span>

  5. John09:43

    No longer being a resident of Florida, I cannot vote for Rubio over the RINO, but I can (and do) send money.

    The debate showed that he would be a good investment for our country.

  6. MR T's Haircut10:02

    I am directly influenced by this asshattery...   I will vote for Rubio.  I will also help defeat Sen Nelson in 2012.... Big TIME.

    Tea Party Influence is pushing the scale on this one.. establishment hacks like Crist are feeling the people.  Nelson's indifferance and partisan voting will be the next big Deal in Florida Politics after Crist is defeated.  I only hope Crist doesnt run against Nelson.. tough choice there...

  7. Cap'n Bill10:14

    I'm a Florida voter and have been much impressed with Rubio. His persona  stresses youthful competence and a desire to get down to brass tacks and get the job done. I predict he will beat Charlie.
    I have long admired Nelson for his level headed sponsorship of the Space Program (thousands of  good jobs for Floridians) but he seems to have drifted off onto a do-nothing attitude re national politics.  Not sure he will withstand the rising Tea Party efforts.

  8. Kristen11:31

    This blog is the first place where I saw Rubio's name.  At the time, he was way, way behind in the polls but you were pushing his candidacy.  Good call, CDR!

    I wish California voters had as much sense as Florida voters.

  9. Kristen11:32

    I watch that show when I have a chance.  Chris Wallace really does play things down the middle and ask tough questions of all his guests.  I couldn't tell you what his personal politics are, and that's the way it should be.

  10. leesea13:30

    as a JAX transplant, I have tried to figure out FLA politics.  IMHO Crist is an empty suit.  Talks about goals & ideals and sounds like PR release BS.  Nelson also has not displayed much initiative.  Rubio soudns better, and since I am of a mind to vote ALL incumbents out this year, Rubion will get my vote.

  11. Byron13:43

    Crist has made all of us Republicans long for the days of Jeb Bush and Reuben Askew.

  12. xformed13:45

    Yep...the mind plays on the "going there," they get our attention...just like "news" from the MSM being "all bad."  Simple psychology.  We need to focus of issues, as CDR S points out, depite them trying to play with our heads for their own gain.

  13. LT B14:17

    Crist said he was steadfastly running in the Republican side, not switching parties.  Time will tell.

  14. Byron15:35

    "Trust me...."

  15. sobersubmrnr01:21

    But not Lawton 'He Coon' Chiles. *rolls eyes*

  16. sobersubmrnr01:23

    Nelson is a flaming Lib. I'm with Mr. T on this one.